Ostrich chili

biker jim
2007/02/01 10:39:49
So I see there are many opinions on the whole turkey chili concept. Who else has gone large and used ostrich for chili? I do it all the time and although it taint quite as rich (or fatty if you like) as good ol cow chili, it is tons better than turkey. Ground ostrich is red and flavorful and still pretty lean. It sits very well with spices, tomatoes, and beans. Definetly worth a try. Although I find ostrich steaks a bit to oh I do know, healthfoody. Gimme the cow for the grill.
RE: Ostrich chili 2007/02/01 12:10:47
that's a good suggestion jim. I do like ostrich, and, it is definately more like beef than turkey meat. With my own special spicing, I've taken pleasure that my ground turkey meat tastes beefy when used in a recipe. But, I'll bet that ostrich would work even better.