Junior Burger
2003/07/25 16:56:46
Iam traveling from Sanfrancisco to Yosemite. Where is the best places to eat.
Filet Mignon
RE: California 2003/07/25 20:24:06
This is not neccessarily a good place to eat, but it's just so strange it bears mentioning. In the small town of Yosemite, before you get to the park, there is a Kentucky Fried Chicken that actually has a buffet! I'd never seen such a thing. That was about 8 years ago, so I'm not sure it's still there.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: California 2003/07/25 20:27:30
When a KFC goes buffet, beware, it is the sign that they are going out of business. Leave them alone.

Some KFC's are really good but when the resort to buffet, go away.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: California 2003/07/26 01:05:49
In TX, the buffet ones are pretty good; in the rest of the world, it's a death knell.

Eric, Who Suspects The Same Of "Kids Eat Free"

Fire Safety Admin
RE: California 2003/07/26 05:31:20
There was a KFC buffet in Atascadero, Ca. that was good but it is no longer. There was one in Reedley, Ca. but I don't know if it is still there or not. Been gone for 5 years now. We have 2 very near us in WVa and they have been here for more then 5 years. They are both good and going strong.

I just love KFC buffet since I'm known to eat 8 - 10 pieces of their chicken at a time. Too expensive except as part of the buffet.Good thing I only eat there about once every 2 months.

As to food between SF and Yosemite we lived in Fresno and took Hwy. 41 from there to Yosemite. If we stopped for food it was usually the Broken Bit near Oakhurst.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: California 2003/07/26 16:57:26
They had a buffet at the KFC that's down the road from me a piece. I think I had that once, about 8 years ago. They discontinued it, but the KFC is still open and thriving (although the people behind the counter are stone idiots). I don't go there anymore though because I just can't eat that and not get sick from it. But feel free to enjoy if you like it!
RE: California 2003/07/27 19:49:52
Al's Place in Locke is a must. It's reviewed on this site. Not very far from SF though so you might not be ready to stop to eat so soon after leaving. Might be better for the return trip. Don't count on finding good food within the park unless you're cooking it yourself.