Trip with Bushie to Calhouns

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2003/07/27 14:53:07
I was pleasured with the visit of Bushie to my home in Knoxville, TN on 7/26/03. He met me at my dock at 9:30AM at a typical East Tennessee day in July. It was hot, but we started the trip up the Tennessee River early so that tempered the heat some. We had a nice leisurely cruise up the river for about 10 miles till we reached the Calhoun's BBQ restaurant. Bushie had a full slab of ribs and I had the pulled pork. We got a appetizer of fried green tomato's and BBQ spring rolls along with several different kinds of beer. I had a dark with toasted barley and Bushie had a lighter beer. I forgot to mention that on the way, we had some ice beer that was slightly higher in alcohol than regular beer. I was not the pilot. My son-in-law who does not imbibe drove the boat.

Bushie did a lot of digital pic's which he will show later. It was an enjoyable time and it just goes to prove some of the advantages of a relationship than can be developed on a website.

I had never met Bushie or his brother in Law, Tony. Both were first class gentlemen and a quality meet. Neat professional men. Tony is now a resident in Knoxville and perhaps Bushie will be also.

After an early lunch at Calhoun's which won the award for the best ribs in the USA at Cleveland, OH about 15 years ago, we took the boat on an excursion upstream on the Tennessee River where the confluence of the Holston River and the French Broad comes together and forms the Tennessee at mile 1.

Great trip and was beginning to get hot about 1:30PM. Got back to the dock where Bushie awarded me some great Austin BBQ sauce, peach jam and a 24 pack of Dr. Pepper made with pure cane sugar and available nowhere in the USA except Texas.

Thanks Bushie and Tony for the visitation, friendship and I will always remember what a good time we had.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: Trip with Bushie to Calhouns 2003/07/27 15:47:13
We just returned from a 4+ day roadtrip that took in Northern Missouri and it's immediate neighbors. On the first day out (Wed.) we had arranged to meet Bushie and his family as they headed for Tennessee. It was appropriate that our meeting was focused on a dinner at the Moonlite BBQ in Owensboro, KY.
All of the 'Bushies', Mark and his lovely wife and daughter were really fun to meet and greet. We also appreciated his warm Texas Hospitality, with the samples of BBQ sauce and Preserves...all of which will be put to good use.
I had read the notes posted about the difference between the Corn Sweetened Dr Pepper, and the D.P. that uses Cane Sugar. Janet and I put it to the taste test while on the road...and Guess What?? There is a real difference !! I noticed the famous "Prune" aftertaste in the Cane Sugar Soda, that was absent in that made with Corn Sweetener. ( Yes, I know, there is no prune-anything in Dr Pepper) But the taste is there.
Thanks Bushie for your kind gestures, and the pleasant evening we shared. Photo's will be added When Bushie gets home, cuz I use his website for the base of operations for the photo additions.

We did include stops at Bubba's in Hannibal,MO and of course, Arthur Bryant's in KC. The main theme in this trip was rail photography for me, and flea market shopping for Janet. It is remarkable how those two activities seem to go 'Hand in Glove' in that Amish-filled area !! Our daily diet was filled with Amish baked goods purchased from a variety of roadside stands, with cold meats and fruit available almost everywhere! Combine that with a chance to stay by the Santa Fe (BNSF) mainline..with it's 60+ trains a day, makes for an active time for all. 1750 miles of relaxing fun!
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