Recipe for Chicharrones?

Junior Burger
2007/02/13 17:24:43
I live in the West Indies and the only way to get decent Mexican food is to prepare it yourself. I think I can find most of the ingredients, if my memory serves me, but I've lost the recipe somewhere along the line. Can someone help??
RE: Recipe for Chicharrones? 2007/02/13 17:38:49
Pork skin, lard. Fry.
Junior Burger
RE: Recipe for Chicharrones? 2007/02/13 18:19:47
No, I'm talking about a recipe that starts with the fried skins and you add tomatos and chiles and maybe tomatillos and garlic and stew them in the sauce. I just don't know if I'm missing something and the procedure involved/quantities etc.
RE: Recipe for Chicharrones? 2007/02/13 23:59:45
I like my Chicharrones lightly simmered in a green chili salsa, My salsa is very similar to my chili verde (pork meat with salsa) My salsa is three or 4 roast jalapenos, some grilled roasted tomatoes or tomatillos, crushed garlic, a cup of water, onion salt, blend in a blender. Pour the salsa into a pot,add about a 1 1/2 cups of broken up chicharrons to the salsa. Let simmer around 5 to 7 min. I like them a bit crisp yet soft meaning still in tack. My DH likes them soft.

In a pinch you can use a jar or canned smooth salsa & simmer till slightly tender. When using canned I like Hernz(sp).

Good luck on your search.
RE: Recipe for Chicharrones? 2007/02/21 17:06:23
I think the canned brand you are thinking of is "Herdez."