Seattle Steakhouses

2007/02/15 08:52:20
Anyone have a suggestion for a good local steakhouse on the northside of Seattle? Be there on business next week.
Filet Mignon
RE: Seattle Steakhouses 2007/02/15 09:40:05
El Gaucho is worth a visit.

At Pike's in general:
RE: Seattle Steakhouses 2007/02/22 20:28:09
El Gaucho is very good. I would characterize its location more as a downtown location (actually in the Belltown neighborhood, just south of the Space Needle).

Daniel's Broiler is also a fine steakhouse and is a bit farther north than El Gaucho (on the south end of Lake Union.)There's also one in the Leschi area, which is on the east side of Lake Union, just north of I-90).

One of the best steakhouses in Seattle is the Metropolitan Grill. It is downtown on 2nd Avenue. It a gathering place for the local celebrities, including a number of pro athletes.
Filet Mignon
RE: Seattle Steakhouses 2007/02/23 11:26:31
Hit the Metropolitan for Happy Hour if you can.