Freddy's Frozen Custard

2007/02/16 19:27:29
They just opened one of these about 15 miles from me. Anyone ever been to one? Any good? By the way, there's a Steak and Shake less than half a mile from the new Freddy's. Mistake?

Their website:
RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2007/02/18 09:06:39
Why don't you visit the new restaurant & report back to us?
RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2007/02/18 14:26:33
Looks like a winner to me. Looks similar to Steak n' Shake, and even more similar to GD Ritzy's, which just may be my favorite obscure chain of all time.
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RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2007/02/19 11:33:10
I haven't tried their custard yet,but have eaten at the one in The Olympia Shopping Forum in Live Oak here.The fries are shoe strings,and the meat patties are very thin.It wasn't bad,but i prefer my fast food burgers meat patties to be more like Jack In The Box or Wendy's.The burger was tasty,but as I said,I like it a little thicker.The day I tried it,they hadn't been opened very long,so it was really packed.
RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2008/06/04 19:02:30
There's A Freddy's in Glendale AZ on Bell Rd & about 51st AV. Never saw one before so I stopped in. Had a Hot Dog/Burger Combo. The Hot Dog was a Vienna Dog on a split top New England style grilled bun. Had their Chili & onions on it. The bun was too small for the dog and was a mess to eat. Ended up using a knife & fork. The chili was an averge canned hot dog style chili - OK but not outstanding. The hamburger was similiar to an In & Out Burger. Good Texture & Flavor. The Lettuce, tomato and onion were crisp & fresh. The Pickles they use are the long sliced ones like Stackers. The Fries were shoestring, hot & fresh with a lightly applied seasoned salt. Did not have room for the Frozen Custard. I'll go back and try that later. Would I go back for the food?-- Yes, I'd rank them with In & Out Burger and Culvers.
P.S. Just looked at their Web Site. Looks like they're expanding in TX, NE, MO.
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RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2008/06/05 09:40:38
Freddy's is out of Wichita. I'd eaten at them in Wichita and Hutchinson, and they opened one here in Topeka about a year ago. I really like it. The burgers are excellent (get them California style), as are the fries. The Chicago style hot dogs are good, too, but they need to start using a poppy seed roll. I'm diabetic and haven't tried the custard, but my Wife thinks it's great - as good as back in Western New York.

Freddy's is different from Steak & Shake - no wait staff, much more of a burger joint than a sit down casual restaurant.
RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2008/06/05 19:27:58
Since I first posted this, I've eaten there a couple of times and I like it too. The burgers are good 'n' greasy but I have to order at least a double as their patties are pretty thin. Prior to going to Freddy's I had never tasted frozen custard before but now I'm a fan of the stuff. It has a much creamier texture than ice cream. At Freddy's I just get a plain vanilla with fresh strawberries and it's delicious!
RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2011/02/06 14:45:01
Bumping this thread to say that here in Emporia, we now have a Freddy's (remodeled building that was once a KFC and then a Popeye's...we are hoping the proverbial third time for this building is a charm.)  In the Midwest outside Chicago, it's great to be able to get a Vienna beef dog on a New England-style bun.   Have not tried their version of a Chicago-style dog, but the offering is interesting.  As others noted, the steakburgers are quite thin, but done well and crispy along the edges.  Love the thin-cut fries -- and the turtle sundae is fantastic (hot fudge sauce; hot caramel sauce, very creamy and dense frozen custard; and warm buttered toasted pecans.)  Vanilla or chocolate are the offerings for the frozen custard.  For fast food, it's a good stop!
RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2011/02/06 15:09:52
A Freddy's opened within 2 miles of my house. I rank the burgers 1/2 notch above McDonalds, 1 notch below In & Out Burger and 4 notches below 5 Guys. OK, but nothing to get excited about. The Custard is pretty good.
RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2011/02/06 15:42:23
Foodbme, I would agree with your posting.  We have some really good local options for burgers (J's Carryout definitely rules here in E-town).   Hopefully, Freddy's won't cut too much into their business.  I don't think they will; J's Carryout is so much a local tradition, and absolutely Roadfood.  For us, Freddy's is a nice option/alternative to our other FF franchises.
It's almost too cold for me to think about frozen custard right now...but just wait until summer!  Turtle sundaes will be calling -- and I'm going to have to "step up" (pun intended) my walking to compensate!  " />
Happy Super Bowl day, everyone!
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RE: Freddy's Frozen Custard 2011/02/09 16:00:37
You are in for a treat.  They opened one in Colorado.  My colleague kept raving about them.  She finally gathered a group of us and we went to lunch.  I ordered the cheeseburger, fries and a turtle sundae with their frozen custard.  Everything was excellent!  Freshly made to order.  Service was great from all the staff members.  Cleanliness is an emphasis based on the facility we went to.  I have heard nothing but good things from everyone I know who has gone there.  Check out their website and watch the historical video of the place.