Junior Burger
2003/07/28 15:21:43
I had no clue that giardiniara peppers can irritate and burn the skin so bad. It happened to me last night and my fingers beds are burning!! I've tried everything from washing hands, and soaking my fingers in milk. Please let me know of any remedies. Thanks!!
Lone Star
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Burns 2003/07/28 17:10:25
Nancy - back in my ER nursing days, every so often we would see a patient come in with your same complaint. The usual culprit was jalapenos.

Pepper burns are caused by an irritating substance found in the skin of the pepper. This burn can feel like a sunburn, a throbbing and prickling feeling, or a very intense hot pain.

The best treatment is to wash the area with soap and water and then put a large amount of vegetable oil on the area for at least an hour. Dip your hands in vegetable oil for the hour if the burn sensation is on your hands.

This treatment implies that its for the immediate aftermath, but you might go ahead and give the oil treatment a try.

Sorry you hurt!
RE: Burns 2003/07/29 00:15:41
There's anecdotal evidence that Tecnu, a poison ivy/oak remedy available OTC from well-stocked pharmacies, can help. I'd also try the vegetable oil soak, washing my hands immediately after with Dawn or something similar, using cool water. Hot water will only make it worse; I've been there.