Oyster Pies

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2007/02/18 09:53:52
We have a weekly paper that has ads for many of the country bar/hotels including their food "specials" in this area of eastern PA. I noticed that a lot of them had oyster pies this week. They're a traditional restaurant special during Lent.

Do restaurants in your area have them on the menu? Do you like them?
RE: Oyster Pies 2007/02/18 09:55:27
Fresh oysters in PA??? Something not right here...
ann peeples
RE: Oyster Pies 2007/02/18 09:57:33
I would love a description of oyster pie-or a recipe!!
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Oyster Pies 2007/02/18 16:27:50
Adjudicator: Yes, you can get oysters in eastern PA. I grew up there, and we got them at seafood markets and sometimes at the farmers' market. They are plump, salty, Chesapeake Bay oysters.
RubyRose: Our Eastern Market, a great farmers' market, has a restaurant where you can get oyster pie It is oysters, a white sauce, soft cooked potatoes and seasonings (salt, pepper, a little Old Bay seasoning) with a very thick pie crust dough topping it. It is wonderful.
Ann: I can't find a recipe like the one I have eaten, but you might try making a bechamel sauce, tossing it with cooked potatoes, raw oysters (small ones are fine, if you can't find fresh, use the little canned ones Geisha makes) and put it between two crusts, or just put the mixture in a dish and top it with a single crust. Some people put hard cooked eggs in it, but I never had it that way. You might want to add a handful of frozen peas.
ann peeples
RE: Oyster Pies 2007/02/18 17:47:19
Thanks,shortchef,I will experiment with your suggestions!!I love oysters...
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Oyster Pies 2007/02/19 07:11:44
Thank you for the explanation, shortchef. There are various types of oyster pies. Most have two crusts but some just have a top crust. They can contain potatoes, sometimes onions, celery, peas, corn, hard boiled eggs or just oysters. One variety just has layers of oysters and coarsely crushed saltine crackers dotted with butter. The sauce can be a cream sauce or thickened oyster liquor. One diner mixes eggs with the oyster juice as thickening so it’s almost like a quiche with a top crust. Seasoning is simple – salt and pepper, parsley and sometimes Old Bay. The idea is to let the flavor of the oysters shine through, not to try and “kick it up a notch” with the addition of heavy spices, hot peppers, etc.

The kind I like best is the type shortchef described, sliced potatoes, finely minced celery, and oysters in a cream sauce with some oyster juice mixed in. They’re a great mid-winter comfort food.

RE: Oyster Pies 2007/02/19 07:41:27
My Momma, from farm country south central VA, used to make an oyster, corn and potato pie....like CHOWDA in a pie crust....and I cannot yet find the recipe

Time to go dig thru the '54 Betty Crocker cookbook for the handwritten recipes I guess...........
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Oyster Pies 2007/02/19 09:09:48
Yes, like RubyRose stated, oysters in a white sauce, with cream, maybe some hard cooked eggs in a deep dish pie. I've never made it but I have tasted it. Someone's grandmother made it once and it was like a seafood pot pie to me.

I've never seen it on a restaurant menu. Seems like a '40s food.