Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ??

mayor al
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2007/03/01 10:41:00

On our recent Texas trip we enjoyed Beef Ribs at Louis Muellers BBQ. When I have eaten Beef Ribs in 'Non-Texas' locations the Ribs were usually the bones from a Standing Rib Roast (Prime Rib), very similar in appearance to the Pork 'Spare-Rib' bones. The Texas Ribs (see the photo) looked at first like the Beef Ribs sold in many grocery meat departments- a long flat length of bone- with one major difference. They had a thick layer of meat (pretty fatty meat)attached to the 'underside' of the bone.

Now I understand that these ribs are cut from the rib-section 'further down the rib than the Rib-Roast area. My Question is-- Where does that block of absolutely delicious meet come from? I have never seen ribs in the butcher meat case that had that quantity or quality of meat on the underside of the bone. The store-bought ribs have a small amount of meat connecting the ribs, but nothing UNDER the bone.
The photo shows two beef ribs in the upper right... You can see the depth of the meat I am asking about. The top bone had that chunk of beef trimmed off (TwinWillow Bought it) but the lower rib is intact and demonstrates the cut I am asking about.

Any help in identifing this 'mystery meat' will be appreciated. I would like to find some ribs cut in this manner locally to try them in my smoker.
RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/01 11:49:00
Mr. looks to me to be actually what is known as the short rib...but instead of sawing the bone to the same size as the meat...the left the bone long.....I could be mistaken...

Short ribs can be used in so many wonderful ways...braised...long and slow....Korean Kalbi...or the old jewish european way of cutting them crossways and making Flanken....

a great cut of beef...with awesome flavor
Michael Hoffman
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RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/01 11:54:40
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/01 12:00:25

I'm going to take a guess that these ribs are the same as what are used for short ribs. Those sure look great with that flavorful layer of fat. THE JOY OF COOKING says that they come from the rib, chuck and brisket. Looking at the diagram, I think that the 'plate' section is used too. Page 674 gives a better description. They can be sliced incredibly thin crosswise and are used for Korean/Hawaiian short ribs. They are yummyyyyyyyyy....

The true crime is what is sold at the supermarkets, as they will trim the top layer to the bone. It can be very difficult to find ribs as meaty as your photo.

mayor al
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RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/01 12:01:00
Yes, Linda I think that is a good description of the meat. When I see Short Ribs in the butcher case they are usually just that...3-4 inches of bone with that meat shown in the photo attached. You are right The consistency and flavor of the meat is outstanding after a Braising and 'Swiss Steaking' sort of preparation. Seeing the long rib with all that meat I was amazed! Muellers Brisket is very good, but this stuff put the Brisket to shame !!

Michael, The cuts in the BBQ photo don't include the link to the backbone. I think they are cut from the ribcase at the next step down from the Rib Roast section.

DDaddy, Thanks for the reference, That did help identify the anatomy of the bones. I agree about the Butcher cuts. Even my dogs look up at me when I give them a Rib Bone from the grocery...Their little Doggie Eyes are saying "WHERE'S THE BEEF??"
RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/01 12:12:37
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/08 13:57:30
I have to agree w/ a few other posters. They appear to be long cuts of short ribs, if that makes any sense. Korean or Oriental markets are your best bet for finding them.
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RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/08 16:24:42
Al, I am glad you thought to ask that question. I have never ordered beef ribs due to the fact there is nothing there and they are usually dry.

The ones that we got were wonderful and juicy. Almost as good as a very good pork rib.

You got some good response.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
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RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/09 01:30:02
Those are the long cuts of the short ribs, or short ribs cut long. When we butcher, those are the ribs we covet.
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RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/10 17:50:55
Its a mystery to me as to the exact anatomical location from where these beef ribs were extracted. But I can say with enthusiasm, "I likum!". In my part of the country, labeled short ribs and beef ribs don't look anything alike. Seems labeling and naming cuts of meat varies greatly across our great country.
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RE: Beef Ribs- The butcher cut ?? 2007/03/14 10:07:13
Those are uncut short ribs I bought them a few times from a slaughter house in rack form. also from a local grocer by asking the butcher for uncut short ribs