tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time!

2007/03/02 00:32:22
my friend that I haven't seen in a while is coming over for a visit to hang out with me and admire my children (my opinion haha)while my husband's away at work. I'm going to record her favorite Mexican soap opera and when she gets here were going to eat hot dogs with chili, relish, ketchup, mustard, mayo(optional). For a side order she is having Lay's potato chips and I'll be having Fritos. For drinks we will both be enjoying a nice sweet fountain Dr. Pepper, not from a can or bottle! I rarely eat hot dogs at home because they just don't taste the same as they do when they've been roasting for a while, developing their flavor. So... I'm going to buy a package of Hebrew National and as someone suggested a while back I'm going to heat a pan very low and let them cook slowly for about an hour. Then I'm going to get a pack of store brand buns, (name brand ones are too stiff and stale-feeling) and toast them up slightly with butter on another pan and put everything together when she gets here! Let's hope we don't eat the whole darn package!!

***For those who don't like hot dogs, this topic/forum might sound so weird, but for those of us hot dog 'em up!***
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RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2007/03/02 08:56:00
I know what's in 'em, and I love 'em anyway. Especially the kosher ones. On a bun, cut up in my baked beans, naked on a plate. Always with onions and some cheap mustard. Sometimes I get the Hebrew National knockwurst so I can have a bigger 'dog.
RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2007/03/02 09:16:37
Sounds like a winner to me! Just that your missing coleslaw for making a southern dog (chili and slaw on the dog).. But sounds good!
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RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2007/03/02 09:26:53
Sounds great! Add Tater Tots and you will have a gourmet meal!
How many of us will your house hold?
Hope you and your friend have a wonderful time.
RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2007/03/02 11:08:26
What time is dinner... got room for one more.... i'll take mine without the ketchup and mayo thou....
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RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2007/03/03 00:39:11
Hello All,
Naxet, hope the night was wonderful. You are doing what
gives meaning and joy to life...having a relishing moment
with a kindred spirit. Good food, good drink, good friend,
who could ask for more?
Yet, so few of us follow this recipe.
Take Care,
ann peeples
RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2007/03/03 07:55:46
Sounds like a great evening!My cousin was visiting from North Carolina,and one night I made her Chicago style hot dogs and tater tot casserole.We then popped in a movie.She said that was her favorite meal and event during her whole visit.Simpler is so often so much better!!
RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2007/03/03 19:01:39
Thank you all for making me feel so ... I don't know.... like it's not kooky to want the simplest things in life. It was a great night and my friend and I both look forward to doing it again. Next time though, I think I'll make Frito Pie with some fried wieners chopped up in there and then I'll make our absolute favorite side dish: potato salad! With of course, a sweet fountain Dr. Pepper!!!
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RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2012/06/13 20:48:05
Hot Dogs at Home
 Oftentimes people stop me as I walk along the Champs Elysees, on Central Park West, or perhaps on some Country Lane in Vermont and ask, “Hey ScreenBear, you travel the world over eating hot dogs in all those exotic places. But tell me, when you’re at home and you just feel like a good frank or three, what do you have? Is it a secret? C’mon… give. Inquiring minds want to know.”
Well, quite humbly I reply, “No, Al---it’s always Al, all the time---no secret. I occasionally look forward to a quiet evening left to my own hot dog preparation. No hot dog guy telling me his secret to success, or tale of woe, or how no one else on the planet uses his brand of dog or can duplicate his toppings.
“ I get the water boiling. It’ll be three minutes in the water….five if the pups were frozen. I will make my hat trick. That’s 3 dogs for me, y’know. One will be a chili dog with yellow mustard and chopped onions. The second is to be topped with N.Y. cooked onions…the red sauce stuff Sabretts popularized….and a spicy brown mustard. And the last, what we called in the shtetl of Newark where I’m from, a   Sweetworks, is mustard (brown, deli style), sauerkraut and sweet relish.
“Of late the hot dog of choice for home consumption is the Boar’s Head all beef natural casing, either the regular or, if you’re watching your figure, the Lite. Both are solidly good….tasty, juicy and a great snap.
“For the roll, my favorite these days is the Calandra Bakeries Italian Long Roll (available in New Jersey)…makes it like eating a dog on a crispy little sub roll. While strict constructionists who only like their weiners on a soft bun might rail against this, for me it makes the experience sublime….and more filling. I heat ‘em in the oven for 6 or 7 minutes at 420…lightly buttering the insides prior to depositing them therein.
“And that, my friend, is living. “
The Bear
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RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2012/06/13 23:31:21
That's a beautiful Essay on the subject!
Do you really have all those ingredients on hand when the spirit moves you?
I like Boars Head Weenies too. They're slowly but surely taking over that upscale weenie market! Pay a little more but life's too short to eat cheap Weenies!!!
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RE: tomorrow night (Fri) it's hot dog time! 2012/06/14 00:17:39
Thanks for the compliment, Food. Yep, I make it a point  keep all the fixins on hand, although some of it may at times be frozen. It works. The rolls, if properly thawed and warmed, are quite forgiving. 
  The Bear