Best Fish Fry in St. Louis

Junior Burger
2007/03/04 23:03:54
Speaking of fish, let me tell you. There's a fish fry in St. Louis I have discovered that has not the usual jack salmon or sole, but hand breaded cod. It was at a modest church building on Marine Ave near Dorsett Rd. My friend who is a local food critic took me there one Friday and I have been back several times with my family. They have hand breaded Icelandic cod and Gulf shrimp along with the usual sides and slaw. The homemade dessets will put you in heaven. Here is what my friend had to say about it: "St. John Bosco Fish Fry seems an unlikely place for a serious culinary adventure, yet it will meet the loftiest expectations. The menu items are freshly prepared and only the finest ingredients are used. Be sure to order the Icelandic hand breaded cod, as it is the best we have ever tasted." I couldn't say it any better.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Best Fish Fry in St. Louis 2007/03/05 11:02:37

Address? Price?? Hours of Operation?? Give us some specifics of the place please??