Winky's Hamburgers

blue heaven
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2007/03/05 14:05:28
Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone remembers Winky's fast food chain. I am from the Pittsburgh area and there was one in Washington Pa. on Jefferson Avenue.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2007/03/05 14:22:44
I sure remember Winky's. There was one locaed in downtown Morgantown right across the street from Burger Chef. Both were darn good.
Junior Burger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2007/03/05 14:47:17
I grew up in South Park, Pa and we had a Winky's there. I used to work at the nearby Bethel bakery and would hit Winky's everday for lunch. A Big Wink would sure hit the spot about now!
blue heaven
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2007/03/05 15:02:19
Oh I almost forgot about the big wink...thanks for reminding me. I think they had a fish sandwich as well. I used to go to Morgantown alot back in the day. Thanks for responding
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RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2007/03/06 10:05:21
Oh My God--I totally forgot about Winky's!! I used to go to the one in Carrick, when I lived in PA. They had the best chocolate shakes too.

Junior Burger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2007/07/24 08:14:34
I live in the youngstown, ohio area...and we had 3 winky's around here in the late 60's...they were very good.
Filet Mignon
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2007/07/24 12:42:02
Absolutely! There was one on 51N, in between the Pleasant Hills cloverleaf and Southland Shopping Center, and there was one on the hill between Homestead and Squirrel Hill, across from the Wise distribution center.

I don't remember them as being any more distinctive than a McDonald's, though. I neither searched for them nor avoided them.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2007/07/25 01:27:59
There was a Winkys in Weirton WV also. The buildings still there.
Junior Burger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2008/09/14 23:36:46
Never got a Winky's in Wilmerding either!!!
Good commercials. LOL.....LOL.....
Still want winky's picknickin chickin!
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RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2008/09/24 16:05:50
There used to be a Winky's in Uniontown, PA on Morgantown Street. It's been gone for years, I want to say in the 70's it disappeared.

The location now has a bank.
Junior Burger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2008/10/27 23:31:03
Back in 1974 and 75 I worked for Winky's in Homestead right before the high level bridge. It was my first job out of High School. I graduated from Carrick in 74. I remember Winky's fondly. They had the the Whales Tale fish sandwish! And when I was there they introduced the Roast Beef Sandwich! Very great memories!! Feel free to email me any stories you have from back then in Pittsburgh! My email address is
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2008/10/28 05:24:40
The Winky's I vaguely remmber going to was in McKees Rocks. The place never made much of an imprseeion on me though. By the time I was driving, they were gone.
Junior Burger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2008/10/31 17:33:54
In Butler, PA, up until 1972 (when McDonald's moved in), all that was here were two Winky's and a Red Barn. I always thought Winky's burgers were ok, but the hot dogs, which were served on a buttered New England-style bun, were very good. The last Winky's closed here around 1983 and the rest of the chain followed shortly thereafter.
bob haller
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RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2009/05/20 18:47:26
Theres a surviving winkys building with what I believe is most of the original sign near craftons thornburgh bridge., on the side near robinson twp. just up that street is a primantis

It was a vet building for a long time and is now a day care.

The original sign is still there just missing the winks name which may have been painted over

winks burgers werent the best but were pretty cheap which was important in our family
Junior Burger
RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2009/05/23 07:51:57
Weren't the buildings pink or orange color?

I was really young when Winky's was here.  I remember going there, but that's about it.
bob haller
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RE: Winky's Hamburgers 2009/05/23 15:11:38
yeah orange / red. highly visible.

believe this building has been repainted tan, may try getting a picture of the sign
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2009/06/01 13:51:23
A little something from YOUTUBE on Winky's
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2009/06/01 17:32:27
Gotta love a winky! I like my winky a lot!
Junior Burger
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2009/06/09 06:42:23
State College had a couple in the 60's.  One was on E. College Ave. right across from campus, not too far from McLanahan's, if I remember correctly.
carolina bob
Filet Mignon
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2009/06/09 10:07:54
I had lunch at a Winky's in Kittanning PA in the mid '70s. I was there doing some railfanning on the Pittsburg & Shawmut RR ( yes, that's how they spell Pittsburgh ) and, spotting a burger chain that I had never heard of before, I just had to give it a try. Unfortunately, I came away rather disappointed by my meal; the burgers didn't have a great deal of flavor. 
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2009/06/09 12:30:29
There was a Winkys on Route 30 in Jeanette.....we ate there a couple of times after going to Greengate Mall (also gone)....this Winkys morphed into a Kelly's before finally going extinct...............
Junior Burger
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2009/07/21 09:21:50
My sister worked at the Winkys in Charleroi, PA from 1974 to 1976. I never went there much. I do see some of their old restaurant buildings that have been converted into some other business when driving around southwestern Pennsylvania.
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2010/08/29 16:12:44
Junior Burger
Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2010/08/31 13:47:55
There was a Winky's on Liberty Ave, at the Bloomfield Bridge.  
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Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2012/07/16 10:54:04
Dude, as a friend of mine says, you're showin' yer age if you can remember Winky's!  8)
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Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2012/07/16 11:02:01
My sister tells a story of when she worked in Pittsburgh for the Diner's Guild, I think it was the Diner's Guild, might be wrong there ... a visiting bigwig was taken to lunch at a Winky's and bit into his burger to find the tip of a thumb.
Another story was when she went to one with her fiance, I think it was the one in Butler.  The girl behind the window had her pad, and they both saw a cockroach scoot across the counter.  The girl smacked it with her pad, killed it dead, looked up at my sister, and asked, "May I take your order?"
Me, I never really had any good Winky's stories of my own to tell, they'd gone out of business in Butler not long after I learned to drive.  I always liked 'em.
Though the one dauntaun, corner of 7th Avenue and I can't William Penn Way I think, down from the Gulf Tower anyway.  It was easy to see they knew it was the beginning of the end.  All I remember was I wasn't crazy about my breakfast, and I remember one of the girls mopping the floor talking to a friend and saying how she wanted to be fired.  I didn't have the moxie then, it ran through my mind to relay that to the manager .... but a few years later they were gone too, end of an era.
The Winky's building is still up and in use in Butler, it's now The Burger Hut II, best chilidogs around if you ask me.  And I recognized an old Wendy's building where Crafton meets Robinson Township om Steubenville Pike, when I worked down there it was a vet's office.  Not sure what it is now, but that sign is unmistakable.
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Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2012/07/16 11:03:37
"Removed by the user".  Wouldn't y'know it?  :(
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Re:Winky's Hamburgers 2012/08/27 02:15:08
Loved Winkys. Didn't no anything about McDonalds.....


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