Pasty (from Northern Michigan)

Junior Burger
2007/03/11 17:47:00
Anyone have a good recipe for pasties? I grew up in Michigan but moved away after high school. I remember these tasty meat pockets from up north where they were widely known.

RE: Pasty (from Northern Michigan) 2007/03/11 18:43:22
If you want a good pasty recipe Google - Pasty Recipe Upper Peninsula Michigan. That way you won't get someone's interpretation of a pasty from Switch Branch, Kansas. I found these for starters that look authentic enough...
RE: Pasty (from Northern Michigan) 2007/03/11 19:44:14
I saw this posted on another thread, and kept the link for future use.
Not sure of the origin, and I wish I can remember who did post the link from this site....I think it came from Bread Girl or something like that.
It is going to be an alternative to making runzas for me.
Kinda reminds me of my Jamaican Beef Patties that I posted a while back.
Filet Mignon
RE: Pasty (from Northern Michigan) 2007/03/11 23:00:14
Good timing William. My wife cooked some pasties from scratch today. The were the best I've ever eaten. Of course I am used to the frozen ones I used to buy in Two Rivers, WI.

I'll try to track down the recipe, but we started with a recipe from a Paul Prudhomme book.