CIA Hyde Park NY

N. O. Ben
Junior Burger
2003/08/01 16:33:24
Guess we have to give the CIA a couple of shots! Looks like they have several venues to choose from.
Any other Roadie type places in the area?
Eat Well...
seafarer john
Filet Mignon
RE: CIA Hyde Park NY 2003/08/01 23:25:43
N.O.Ben: If you are going to the CIA, we think the American Bounty is their best restaurant. It is necessary to call ahead and make reservations for lunch or dinner.

We aso recommend the Caterina Medici their Italian villa style restaurant - no reservations are needed for lunch, but they are usually needed for dinner. Thin crust pizza for lunch is very good.

They run a neat little Cafe, the Apple Cafe in Roth Hall that has great pastries and sandwiches - I dont know the precise hours, but it is open at least from 10 am 'till 3pm

The Escoffier Room has always been a disappointment to us. the ambience is great but we never thought the food was up to CIA standards -- and that's after at least four meals there.

And there is a health food type restaurant on campus that has surprisingly tasty food - cant think of the name at the moment and I dont know the reservations policy for that venue.

Junior Burger
RE: CIA Hyde Park NY 2003/08/10 00:01:12
Take a look at for the tri-state area and you will find lots of local recommendations.