Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area)

2007/03/18 14:50:37
Hi, all, I revisited an old favorite last night....

I'm normally NOT a fan of theme restaurants, I find them to be high priced with poor service, normally.

But I ate, again, and the Mayberry Cafe in Danville last night, and it certainly meet my expectations, and more. :)

Mayberry Cafe is themed after The Andy Griffith Show. There are TV's all around the cafe, a nice gift shop in the front, and all kind of memorabelia in the Cafe, AND a Mayberry Squad Car parked out front.

But the BEST part about this place is the FOOD!!!

Even though the "real" Mayberry is in North Carolina, this diner serves food at it's Hoosier best.

My date got Fried Catfish, complete with Baked Potato, Cole Slaw, bread. A HUGE serving of Catfish, and a very nice sized potato.

I got my old standby, Country Fried Steak and Gravy. All I can say is YUM!!!!! :)

With Salads, and a shared Ice Cream Sundae for desert, the total bill was just under $24.00 for two, not including tip.

And, I must say, the service was outstanding.

Danville is in US 36 just West of Indianapolis. The restaurant is on 36, right across from the courthouse.

If you're in the area, I hope you'll give it a try.

And I HOPE you'll invite me to tag along!!!!

Rick in Indianapolis
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2007/04/03 15:42:51
I grew up in Plainfield, lived there for 18 years, and the Mayberry Cafe is one of the best local restaurants around. The food is terrific, the staff is professional and courteous but also very familiar, and the atmosphere is unique and "homey". Great recommendation for anyone traveling through or near Danville!
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2007/04/03 16:12:32
Thanks! This one will defiantly go in the books...
Tristan Indiana
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2007/04/03 17:04:18
Driven past this place numerous times but never stopped. The squad car always made me smile when I saw it. They actually had a Mayberry reunion last year where I live now and they drove the police car over for the parade. None of the major stars were there, but they did have The Darlings (Dillards), Thelma Lou, Goober, the guitar player who later was the deputy on Dukes of Hazard, and even one of the Mt. Pilot fun girls. Pretty funny over all.

I did stop at the Aunt Bee's Restaurant when I was in Mt. Airy about a decade ago. It was a tourist trap as I expected.
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2007/04/09 16:02:23
They also have a great salad bar, with homemade slaw, potato salad, carrot-raisin, etc. And the pie is great. I love this place.
Junior Burger
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2007/04/10 15:44:02
My sister lives 2 minutes from this place ... I'll have to stop by when I'm down there for the 500 ... thanks for the heads-up!
Captain Morgan
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2007/04/10 17:29:40
My grandmother lived in Yanceyville NC, right across
the border. I remember when I was little going to the
"Big City" of Danville.

It's very much like NC.
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2012/08/17 11:30:16
Has anyone eaten here recently?  It popped up on Google and since I might be passing by Danville on IN-39 next week I'm considering it as a possible lunch stop.  Thanks!
RE: Mayberry Cafe, Danville, Indiana (Indy area) 2012/08/21 22:34:57
They have a decent tenderloin.