Wine ice cream

Filet Mignon
2007/03/25 14:01:24
I just heard a story on the radio about a company in upstate NY who is coming out with wine ice cream. Three flaovors: port wine, zinfandel and chardonnay. They claim it took 2 yrs to make and they will sell it to restaurants. It will be 5% alcohol, so children won't be allowed to buy it.

Someohow to me it doesn't sound so good. Sorbet, yes, byt the cream part with wine???
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Wine ice cream 2007/03/26 10:01:56
Sound delicious. Zabaglione and Tiramisu recipes have wine and cream an addition of eggs yolks make it even better. Great they perfected it to ice cream/gelato.
RE: Wine ice cream 2007/04/03 00:20:40
I've never had wine ice cream, but the owner of the ice cream shop I used work at part-time made some tremendous champagne sorbet. He never actually sold it to the public...just to a few local restaurants, with gallon containers sometimes given as gifts during the holidays.