Kansas City Joint

bo charlie
Junior Burger
2007/04/12 15:57:42
Lived in KC from '81-86. Worked just acrss the river in North KC (south of Gladstone). We would order pizza from a place just after you crossed the bridge in to downtown. From what i remember, it was in a highrise building, maybe a retirement type building.
The crust had a slightly sweet crust.
Antone got a clue to which I am referring?


Eater E.
Junior Burger
RE: Kansas City Joint 2007/04/17 22:34:59

That was good, good stuff. I remember that crust vividly.

When I was on a jury at the nearby Jackson County Courthouse, we were fed Gaetano's pizzas. We enjoyed the pizza for so long, we held up the course of justice.
bo charlie
Junior Burger
RE: Kansas City Joint 2007/04/18 01:39:53
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
As soon as I read the name I could smell it. Is it Still I business?

Eater E.
Junior Burger
RE: Kansas City Joint 2007/04/18 23:15:58
Gone, I'm afraid. Owner died in '97, and for some reason I'd rather not know, the recipes are the property of the last landlord.
Junior Burger
RE: Kansas City Joint 2007/05/15 11:54:17
The best pizza in the KC area is hands down Fun House Pizza & Pub on 40 Hwy in Independence.
Eater E.
Junior Burger
RE: Kansas City Joint 2007/05/18 21:52:04
I'll just say I strongly disagree with that statement and leave it at that.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Kansas City Joint 2007/05/23 09:47:18
The only pizza worht eating in KC is at d'Bronx.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Kansas City Joint 2011/10/10 00:11:55
I moved to Kansas City six years ago, and realized pretty quickly that this isn't the best place for pizza.  Barbecue, sure, but truly good pizza pies are few and far between.
So far I've tried:
The Art of Pizza
Italian Gardens To Go
Of those, my award for #1 best pizza in KC goes to... The Art of Pizza, on Baltimore Ave.
They bill themselves as NY-style.  I don't know whether they are or not - they certainly seem similar to the pies I've had in NYC - but I don't really care.  All I know is that when I tried a slice of plain cheese, the most reliable indicator of whether a pizza place is any good or not, it blew me away. 
Re:Kansas City Joint 2011/10/10 14:27:10
Sadly it seems d'Bronx has gone downhill since the original owners sold, the one at 103rd & Metcalf is just not that good especially compared to the original on 39th, sandwiches and pizza just missing something.
You might want to include Waldo Pizza on your list of good KC pizza, George's was good also but closed.
And I agree that Art of Pizza is pretty good pie, that's where we usually go when we're in the Crossroads.