Caroll's Hamburgers

Junior Burger
2007/05/02 11:13:12
Does anyone remember Carroll's Hamburgers? I'm not sure of the spelling. They were the best. Are there any left in the US?
Filet Mignon
RE: Caroll's Hamburgers 2007/05/02 11:51:26
Cat, welcome to RF.

You've come to the right place.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: Caroll's Hamburgers 2007/05/03 10:23:01
Sure, I remember Carroll's - we had them in Niagara Falls, NY when I was growing up, along with Henry's Hamburgers, Red Barn, and Mike's & NEBA, all gone now.
Lori Ann
Junior Burger
RE: Caroll's Hamburgers 2007/05/05 14:37:06
I remember it was Carrolls home of the Club Burger and yes my local Carrolls became a Burger King in Hudson NY.. Still there but a BK store now.
Junior Burger
RE: Caroll's Hamburgers 2007/05/05 17:57:31
maybe if we all write to the company they will think about it. It was the best!!!! Cat
pete iodice
Junior Burger
RE: Caroll's Hamburgers 2008/06/09 23:50:13
yes i worked in one in my home town of Sandy Springs, Georgia . i wish still there. pete iodice 706-372-4432. i am going to open one up. would like another partner. pls call if interested.
Junior Burger
RE: Caroll's Hamburgers 2012/10/12 21:21:33
Someone asked for a recipe for the Club Burger Sauce:  Here it is, or close to it anyway:  "special sauce" was named Crisbo Royale Sauce (45% mayonnaise, 45% ketchup, 10% relish).  On another note, anyone remember a burger franchise in Philly back in the 60s and 70s, it began with an "A"?