omlets & breakfast meats/Columbia, SC

Junior Burger
2007/05/14 15:18:22
The Original Pancake House in the Trenholm Square Shopping Ctr in Columbia SC has the BEST omlet I've ever eaten. One can order it prepared different ways; my favorite being the vegie & cheese omlet. They whip the egg whites, then fold in the yokes and the added ingrediants, then cook (I suspect they bake) What you get is this huge, fluffly 3 egg omlet, enough for 2, especially if you add a side of breakfast meat. My spouse likes the country ham; I like the thick cut bacon. I have bought the same brand of bacon in the grocery & cannot get it to taste like theirs does. They also have waffles, pancakes, some more exotic breakfast cakes, sandwiches & soups. Breakfast is served all day, so I've never eaten anything else there. It's the only breakfast cafe that you takes reservations for Sunday breakfast. Otherwise, plan to wait.