Mexican in Indianapolis?

Junior Burger
2007/05/19 02:44:23
poster plavoie wrote: "...El Torito Grill at Keystone at the Crossing..." on another thread of places to eat in Indianapolis. That got me to thinking, my brother-in-law is a displaced Californian, dragged here screaming and kicking by my sister, and he is stillafter 2 years looking for a Mexican restaurant that he wants to go back to a 2nd time.

Any suggestions?
RE: Mexican in Indianapolis? 2007/06/01 15:16:07
If your bro-in-law wants honest Mexican food, there are a ton of real-deal places on both East and West Washington Street. I can't remember names, but you can generally get a good taco at any of them.

Check for more information, they have a very good restaurant listing by ethnicity.