Bubs Daddy gum

2007/05/22 22:35:02
Anyone remember this. I may have spelled it wrong. It came in a rope when I was a kid. Good stuff.
RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2007/05/23 01:50:08
Yes, yes, yes!!! Absolutely LOVED the sour apple. I have asked numerous friends about this bubble gum and no one I know remembers it.

Thanks for letting me know I was not crazy! Tedi

What were the other flavors??
RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2007/05/23 11:15:23
I remember something called a "Big Buddy," it was as long as a ruler and came in sour apple, cherry, bubble gum, and a few other flavors. Is this the same thing?
RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2007/05/23 22:20:29
Sounds like it. I think they had grape as well.
RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2007/05/23 22:59:52
Yeah, they had a grape flavor that would blow the back of your head off, it was so good. I remember running down down the street several blocks, from gradma's house, to the corner market to grab a soda or an ice cream and one of those grape "Big Buddies" (sometimes appple) when I'd visit during the summer. Ah the good ol' days.
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RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2007/09/07 23:21:17
Oh Man!! I remember that!!
I just asked that question in another forum. I could not remember the name of that rope gum.
I loved the Green Apple!!

I am so glad that you asked that question.........

I'll be asking a question in a new topic in hopes to remember another candy..........

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RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/03/22 13:36:46

The name of the rope gum was called "Bubs Daddy". It came in bubble gum, cherry, grape, & green apple flavors. When I was a kid, it was only 10 cents & it was about 12" long. It was THE BEST gum!!!
Does anyone remember Marathon candy bars? They were carmel covered in chocolate & were like a rope design? There was a commerical with a cowboy & the guy says "you can't eat a Marathon Bar quick, Carl?
Am I the only one who remembers this?

RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/03/26 21:14:40
Pirate w/ parrot on shoulder: I'm Quick Claude! I do everything fast, matey!

Parrot: Awk! It's Marathon Man!

Marathon Man proffers Marathon Bar: Betcha can't eat a Marathon bar fast... Quick Claude.

Quick Claude: attempts to eat a Marathon bar fast.

Quick Claude: fails to eat a Marathon bar fast.

Quick Claude: It's soft... and cheeeeewwwwwwyyy!

Hilarity ensues.

Big Buddy grape was the bomb.
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RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/09/12 13:33:05
Just so you all know, I started looking into whether Bubs Daddy gum was still being produced in other countries. A few phone calls and I found out they still make it here in the US, just not under that name or those long pieces.

Super Bubble is the small version of Bubs Daddy gum. They bought the recipe about 25 years ago and started cranking out regular, grape and apple flavor.

I had to find this out for myself and I found out Wal-Mart had sold bags of this gum for $1.60. As soon as I tore it open, that smell came rushing that would instantly transport you back to the 1970's.

Earlier this year, Wal-Mart stopped carrying Super Bubble, so now I buy it on Amazon in a large tub from whoever has the cheapest price. You can get a tub for about $9.50 plus shipping.

I also bought a case of Chuckles since I uses to love those. Now my daughters are hooked on the same candy I used to love as a kid.

Bubs Daddy used to come in Strawberry, Cinnamon (red hot) and Watermelon too.
Sonny Funzio
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RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/09/15 13:51:57
Bub's Daddy was great - and a bit later "Mouthfull Apple" too.

RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/09/15 14:04:59
Check out Kmart for the big tubs of Supper Bubble
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RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/09/29 17:08:22
loved the sour apple mouthfull gum.
my mother hated the smell and made me chew it outside!! LOl
Also LOVED marathon bars.
Russ Jackson
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RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/09/29 17:19:50
I made a good living as a teenager selling Bubs Daddy, Giant Sweet Tarts, Jolly Ranchers,Zots and Marathon Bars out of my locker until I got caught. Did you know if you freeze a Marathon Bar and then smack it flat on a table it will basically turn to dust...Russ


ann peeples
RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/09/29 17:49:50
My teeth STILL hurt from all Bubs Daddy I chewed...when i got my braces off, I bought 1.00 worth of that gum(100 pieces back in the 70s) My Mom was furious!!
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RE: Bubs Daddy gum 2008/09/29 18:00:53
I loved Watermelon Bubs Daddy - only one person mentioned it... YUM!