Beef Choices for My cart!

2007/05/23 15:48:39
I tried cubes of Bonesless chuck (blacks) call them chunks,tried meatloaf,my customers asked about short ribs.
So I went to the mexican market and they had tons of them, all between 1/8 and 1/4" thick. Tried them on the grill, worked and sold some. Could not charge enuf bvecause the pieces were too small. Went back and asked them t o cut them to my specs. They did, I marinate them in my wife's Teriyaki marinade, grill them and they go like hot cakes. 2 to an order, with homemade(do not use the words)potato salad. $4.00 for the dinner 7.50 Tuerned out to be just what i needed for Beef. NO burgers on this cart.
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RE: Beef Choices for My cart! 2007/05/24 04:46:02
I'm a huge fan of short ribs and cook them often. It's a cut that you can do almost anything to and it comes out great. I usually like them about 3" thick.

slow smoke
slow cooker
sauce them with brown gravy or tomato gravy
stove top them with veggies of choice
cook them well or leave them rare
hit them with a jaccard or leave them chewy

they can be fancy or just food and you can cook a few or throw 40 in a pan in the oven with your favorite seasonings/sauce.

i think it's the size and the amount of fat that makes them so flexible and tasty. i grilled/bbq'd a few 2 days ago after hitting them with the jaccard. as tender as a good steak and med rare. good stuff.

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RE: Beef Choices for My cart! 2007/05/24 12:53:24
I've been cooking short ribs in the crock pot then just before serving I put them under the broiler with sauce. The family really likes them.

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RE: Beef Choices for My cart! 2007/05/24 14:26:12
That sounds good, I love anything in Teriyaki