Chicken Shacks

2003/08/08 16:30:42
I'm looking for some information on what kind of hot sauce is put on fried chicken in chicken shacks like Harold's of Chicago or Prince's Hot Chicken of Nashville. Is it just bottled hot sauce like Crystal or Tabasco or is it a butter/hot sauce/vinegar mix like on chicken wings?

I've never been to either of these places but I've seen Prince's on Comedy Central's Insomniac and Harold's on another web site and the chicken looks great.

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
Junior Burger
RE: Chicken Shacks 2004/02/23 21:37:29
I agree with you about Prince's. I haven't been there in a few years because I moved but it sure has the hottest chicken I've ever had, and I travel a lot. I remember going their usually after the bars and clubs closed at 3 am, which was customary among many musicians and clubgoers. I've heard the recipe for the heat was a bit of a family secret but a few friends that are chefs I know said it was mainly a heavy cayenne rub with perhaps a few other hot pepper spices.(And perhaps some peyote for the extra hot?!) I heard that Boos in Nashville comes close, but I haven't been there yet.
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Double Cheeseburger
RE: Chicken Shacks 2004/02/24 09:43:33
Mr. Boo's is excellent. Their story is that they use a pepper they found growing wild on some land they own in Louisiana, which they harvest just to use at their restaurant. They are using their family name (Bouglea) to identify the pepper and are otherwise very secretive about it. All I know is it has a flavor that I like a lot.

Poverty Pete has also reported very favorably on the hot chicken at the Lorrie Morgan/Sammy Kershaw place, which goes by the name of, or some such. Maybe he can chime in with some thoughts on preparation. And to answer your question in general, yes - all these places (Prince's, Mr. Boo's, Boltons, in Nashville are very protective of their methods. I do believe from what I have observed that Prince's fries in huge iron skillets, while I believe Mr. Boo's deep fries. I have heard that Prince's has a way of getting the pepper into the oil, but I do not know their secret for achieving that or even if that is true. Best answer I can give is to go, observe, taste and try to figure it out. All I know is, it's good!
Junior Burger
RE: Chicken Shacks 2004/03/05 00:46:22
Thanks for the Nashville update Pogo. All my friends in Nashville give kudos to Lorrie Morgans Hot chicken place as well as Boos. Seems Nashville has become the "hot chicken" and Mylanta capitol of the USA. I'll come armed with Pepcid and hit those places, along with Prince's, on my next weekend visit.