The Fisherman's Friend-Stonington, ME

Junior Burger
2007/06/03 16:15:19
Go to fishermans friend restaurant Ate there last about 1982. The wait was an hour and half, absolutely worth it! The scallop chowder was out of this world. Everything on the menu was a seafood lover's dream. I had haddock and it was the best I've eaten - ever!
RE: The Fisherman's Friend-Stonington, ME 2007/06/03 16:45:27
Why would you feverishly endorse a place that you haven't been to in 25 years or did I miss something?
Junior Burger
RE: The Fisherman's Friend-Stonington, ME 2007/06/03 16:55:21
Answer: it's still open, still excellent, and not listed on THIS website. The restaurant website is:
RE: The Fisherman's Friend-Stonington, ME 2007/06/04 07:15:04
The Fisherman's Friend is in a new location, down on the harbor at the bottom of the hill from its former spot.

I had lunch there last August, and the fried scallops, fried clams, and onion rings were all very good - close to outstanding. I thought the clams were actually better than those I had at the Clam Box on my drive up to Maine. However, I write that off as being because there were no large clams available when I visited the Clam Box.

Still, this is a very good place worthy of checking out if you're visiting the Deer Isle area.
RE: The Fisherman's Friend-Stonington, ME 2007/06/10 12:29:48
The Fisherman's Friend has indeed moved down hill to a new place. They're still very good and a major plus is that they're open year round.
Just got back from Downeast. Joshy's Take-out in Milbridge has Gifford's ice cream and some of the best seafood around. Lobster roll(mayo style) was excellent and the fish n'chips was enough for a second meal for my Mum. Grand total:$15.oo Sorry, no photos this time. Next visit,I promise!