queso flameado

2007/06/07 01:54:23
I actually didn't taste this recipe until I was 20 (ten years ago or so).
It's mexican chorizo (the kind you cook for breakfast with eggs) smothered in a white melting cheese, maybe monterey jack, and brought out sizzling on a black skillet. You eat it with tortillas or dip corn chips in it. I LOVE IT.
I made it once at home but it just didn't turn out the same, I think i should've tried a mexican cheese like queso quesadilla.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: queso flameado 2007/06/07 03:24:36
I've only seen it named Queso Fundido. They usually use Chihuahua cheese. Easy to do at home in micro oven.
RE: queso flameado 2007/06/09 19:44:21
RE: queso flameado 2007/06/09 23:55:17
Hey, I made some yesterday but the only cheese I had on hand was a ball of fresh mozzerella that expired 4 days ago. It came out just like the photo (Adjudicator) except since mozz. is very bland it didn't have exactly the same flavor had I used a mexican cheese.