1950's ice cream

Junior Burger
2007/06/07 12:46:35
Does anyone remember an ice cream that came in a square? Individual, possibly Carnation?
RE: 1950's ice cream 2007/06/07 12:58:01
Welcome aboard. I do vaguely remember a "square" ice cream. Was it a square cone?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: 1950's ice cream 2007/06/14 12:56:32
Hershey's ice cream came in a square. At the grocery store in town, they would slice off about a 1-1 1/2 inch piece and put it in a special cone that had a rectangular opening. The chocolate marshmallow was especially good, tunnels of marshmallow that ran down when the ice cream was cut. Thanks, that brought back a fond childhood memory.
Junior Burger
RE: 1950's ice cream 2007/06/14 13:35:26
thanks for the responses... this was an individual serving of ice cream that came packaged in dairy cardboard... those marshmallow things sound good
RE: 1950's ice cream 2007/06/14 13:49:53
I remember individual ice cream squares at ice cream "socials"
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: 1950's ice cream 2007/06/14 14:12:34
The Carnation Ice Cream I recall from the 50's was served in cones at the local SAV-ON Drug Store. 5 cents for a single, and 10 cents for a double scoop. My favorite flavor was English Toffee with Peppermint Stick running a close second.

Later on (in the 80's when I returned to the West Coast) the cone sales had moved to THRIFTY Drugs and the prices had increased considerably...but the quality was there. At that point the Apricot Mango Sherbet was my flavor of choice.
Junior Burger
RE: 1950's ice cream 2007/06/14 14:23:17
Kimmy, that was probably it. Our mom bought them for b'day parties.
Filet Mignon
RE: 1950's ice cream 2007/06/19 13:13:11
Yes, I think I remember - it had a sheet of paper around it. Also there were slices that had paper, maybe 1" thick rectangles in vanilla also "Neopolitan" I remember the paper...