German Pancakes/Swedish Pancakes/crepes

Junior Burger
2007/06/26 10:26:19
Did anyone else of German heritage grow up eating crepes for breakfast yet they were called "german pancakes"? I have only met one other person who called them this.
I bring this up b/c of the restaurant that was "popped" up in the past day or so. Susie's in IA


I like mine a bit more crispy than this, but to each her own. They are never eaten with syrup. Plain granulated sugar. However some radicals have been known to use jelly or jam
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: German Pancakes/Swedish Pancakes/crepes 2007/06/26 12:00:37
In our house they were called Norwegian Pancakes. I still make them now and then. pb