Breakfast in Baltimore

2003/08/14 09:58:19
We will be in Baltimore on a Sunday morning -- any breakfast ideas? We're staying in the Inner Harbor and working our way north up 95. Thanks!
Junior Burger
RE: Breakfast in Baltimore 2003/08/15 10:58:50
From the Inner Harbor you can take a Water Taxi over to Fells Point where there are some good options...on Broadway there's Bertha's, which has a great brunch on the weekend...also in Fells Point is Blue Moon Cafe, which has huge portions of great breakfast stuff.
If your looking for a reliable and cheap greasy spoon, there's always Jimmy's, which is on Broadway as well, very close to where the Water Taxi drops off in Fells.
RE: Breakfast in Baltimore 2003/08/15 11:49:09
I agree with suzym13. Jimmy's is a good greasy spoon, but the Blue Moon Cafe has great portions for the price. I had an omelette with blue cheese there that was great.
The Admiral Fell Inn, also in Fell's Point, has an OUTSTANDING Sunday brunch.
Save your feet...take the water taxi.
Guten Appetit!
Junior Burger
RE: Breakfast in Baltimore 2003/08/15 11:51:23
I second Suzy's recommendations, except I like Jimmy's a little more. Fells Point is the area where Homicide: Life on the Streets was filmed and HBO's The Wire is done. I can't remember the name, maybe Suzy knows, but there is a bar there that has been in continuous operation since the late 1700s.
You can also take a Water Taxi to Little Italy for espresso and baked goods. Check and see if the Women's Industrial Exchange is open on Sundays. This little gem has an authentic 1920's menu. At lunch, the tomato aspic is outstanding. Don't spend all your time at the Inner Harbour. B'mere is a terrific town!
RE: Breakfast in Baltimore 2003/08/15 12:07:08
There are lots of places to recommend- but flattop5 is staying in the Inner Harbor. If he/she'd like to drive, try something like Cafe Hon on W. 36th St., in Hampden, or the Honey Bee Diner in Glen Burnie.
I live in Little Italy. You can go to Vaccaro's for baked goods, but Cafe Roma has better gelato.
The Horse You Came In On is the bar to which you referred. I'd rather go to John Steven's, Cat's Eye Pub, Miss Irene's , The Whistling Oyster and Duda's.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Breakfast in Baltimore 2003/08/16 01:05:32
Womans Industrial Exchange is only open Mon-Fri. And not open at all now as they are undergoing renovations, have been for some time, and no re-opening date announced.

I'm partial to the Pancake special at Jimmy's in Fells Point with a side of home fries. Keep meaning to get to Blue Moon, hear nothing but good things about it, but I'm just not a morning person. Don't expect anything fancy at either place.

Fells Point (Broadway) south of Eastern Ave. is less than 10 min from Inner Harbor. Parking is available for the most part. To get to 95 north from Fells Point just turn right on Eastern Ave and keep east until you see the signs for 95 north just past Kane St. You'll travel right through the part of Baltimore where Tracy Turnblad of HAIRSPRAY fame lived and shopped. She may be fictional but Eastern Ave. is a real trip.