Filet Mignon
2007/07/02 02:23:30
I bought this delicious grinder jar of spices: Nando's "Chickenland" peri-peri grind. The bottle says it is a South African blend of sea salt, lemon, chili, thyme, parsley, onion, paprika, garlic, white and black peppercorns, and African bird's eye peppers (the peri-perui part). It suggests using it on pizza, pasta, salads, burgers, fires, soups and chiken.

Who knows about (South) African cuisine and has had "peri-peri" food??? Comments?
Filet Mignon
RE: Peri-peri/Africa 2007/07/02 03:09:26
Piri-piri, peri-peri or peli-peli is the name used in Portuguese and a number of African languages to describe the African bird's-eye chili. The variations in spelling derive from the various pronunciations of the word in parts of Africa, although "piri-piri" is the correct spelling in Portuguese.
In Portuguese cuisine, piri-piri is often used in preparing sauces and marinades for roast and grilled dishes, especially chicken and various fish.
Nando's, the Portuguese-themed chicken restaurant chain uses piri-piri in many of its dishes, and helped popularise them worldwide. The company, however, prefers the common South African spelling peri peri on its menus and branded sauces.

Congocookbook says:

The most basic piri-piri marinade recipe calls for just oil, cayenne pepper or minced fresh hot chile pepper, and salt. Many piri-piri recipes add an acidic liquid (usually lemon or lime juice, or vinegar, or possibly wine or liquor) which adds a tang and tenderizes the chicken. More elaborate versions also include various other flavorings and spices. -- No quantities are given for the ingredients in these recipes: how you make your marinade depends on how much chicken you're cooking and what ingredients you like.

Bottom line: Piri piri is just a chili powder or paste similar to cayenne or, my favorite, Thai bird peppers (which closely resemble Piri piri):

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Peri-peri/Africa 2007/07/02 17:00:18
Sounds like a tropical disease.

"ow! It bit me!"
"Sorry. Now you will get peri-peri and die."

The end
Poverty Pete
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Peri-peri/Africa 2007/07/02 19:56:34
I've used piri-piri sauce for decades to saute shrimp.
Junior Burger
RE: Peri-peri/Africa 2007/07/09 10:36:33
Peri-Peri is actually Portuguese and Nando's chicken had it's origin in Mozambique which was a Portuguese colony at one time.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Peri-peri/Africa 2007/07/09 10:52:04
It's available and currently on sale at Zingerman's:
RE: Peri-peri/Africa 2007/07/25 10:22:36
I had a Portuguese recipe for that a while back containing of all things, burbon. I had a bumper crop of cayenne one year, and... Totally nasty, to me. It sat on a shelf for over 5 years until I decided to taste it again, one day. Double nasty by that time...