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Junior Burger
2007/07/04 17:24:54
I have an 87 year old friend who is craving these and sadly has asked me for last two years if I would try them and I am ashamed that I havent yet. So I did a major search online and found them to have a zillion ways and wonder of anyone in real life here has a tried and true method for them that isnt too darn difficult?
RE: Search for Pickled Watermelon rind 2007/07/04 17:32:29
Hi LuncheoNette -

I made this for my Grandmother every summer.....Here is the basic recipe which she loved....I have made it for my family with different variations in the spices, but this is the one she loved.


Cut crisp watermelon rind in 1 inch pieces.
For 1 gallon of rind: Mix 2 cups lime in 2 gallon of water, add rind and soak in crock (porcelain or glass) overnight. Next day, drain off lime water and soak in clear water 2 hours, then wash in fresh water at least 3 times.

Cook in clear water until transparent, then drain. Cook 5 cups sugar, 6 tablespoon mixed pickling spices (in bag), and 3 pints white vinegar. Bring syrup to hard boil and add green or red coloring if desired. Add syrup to well drained rind and cook another 5 to 10 minutes. Pour into sterilized jars and seal.

NOTE: Cut all pink away from rind and all outer hard rind. Use a thick rind if possible. These are beautiful gifts at Christmas, especially for the elder loved ones.

RE: Search for Pickled Watermelon rind 2007/07/05 15:28:01
There is a company which sells these and other pickles of the south.

Old South Pickles - Alma, AR
(PO Box 367, 72921; 800 634-2413) Choose from watermelon rind, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, cucumber nuggets, and more.

Giant Food in the DC area carries them, some supermarket in your area might too.

If not and they can't help you find a source - here is an on line source:

Junior Burger
RE: Search for Pickled Watermelon rind 2007/07/05 15:39:16
Here is a link to Old South Watermelon Rind Pickles--they are good, IMO.