Boston Lobster Feast

Junior Burger
2007/07/11 00:48:58
Have been there quite a few times. Lobster is fair, but the clams, steamers, and cherrystones are really good. 3 locations in Orlando/Kissimmee.
Junior Burger
RE: Boston Lobster Feast 2007/07/22 00:21:33
every year I take someone who is a judge for the Crisco American Pie festival to Orlando, he is 87 and his highlight is one night before he is done and headed home, he has to go to the Boston Lobster for all you can eat Lobster. He usually has 3 and a cup of lobster bisque. One year the lobster was large and succulent, nbot rubbery from over cooking, and this last past year it they were the tinest Lobsters I had ever seen and tasted like a rubber band, so you do take your chances. The gentleman I take is always happy none the less, so that is what counts. Oh they did go up $10.00 this 2007 year, making the price around $35.00.
Dan Wathen
Junior Burger
RE: Boston Lobster Feast 2007/08/11 13:46:43
Great place. Oddly enough I thought their one meat item ( London Broil) was the best I have ever eaten. When I was there half the place was Japaneese tourists who were doing a " Kobishi " on the lobsters.