Begneits in San Francisco

Junior Burger
2007/07/13 08:47:08
I have a glorious new roadfood treat for you:

At the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco, Boulettes Larder makes some mindblowing begneits only on Sundays. These little fried doughnuts are crispy on the outside and custardy on the inside and are covered with a light shake of powdered sugar. I think the owners are nuts for only selling them one day a week because they would be an amazing treat to start off a workday.
Filet Mignon
RE: Begneits in San Francisco 2007/07/13 13:56:13
I've seen several places claiming to sell beignets lately in SF though I haven't tried them--yet. But "custardy on the inside"? Er, the beignets of my dreams--from Cafe du Monde--have no filling. Please don't tell me they are Californicating beignets too in this town.
Junior Burger
RE: Begneits in San Francisco 2007/07/13 14:58:14
It's not a piped in custard- it's just that the batter recipe allows for a crispy outside and a creamy inside.

The du Monde beignets are great too.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Begneits in San Francisco 2007/07/13 17:04:48
It sounds to me more like a fried popover; not a bad idea, but not a beignet.