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RE: US food abroad 2007/08/08 17:06:54
When travelling overseas I usually like to eat from the local places to get a good taste of the country that I was in.

When I travel I have a habot of going to the Hard Rock Cafe in that place. We were eating at the HRC in Sydney, I got the Roo Burger. There was a person in my group that would not speak to me for a day after eating "Joey".

When traveling with younger people who get homesick for american food the HRC were a good place to let them have a taste of home, and still you can get the local signature dish.

Sydney = Roo Burger
Bangkok = Some fiery noodle dish that lit me up
Munich = schnitzel
London = Fish & Chips
Madrid = Paella
RE: US food abroad 2007/08/12 12:24:06
In Thailand, American fast food has nothing to do with giving Americans a feeling of home.
The Thais are nuts for it!

In MBK Center, a popular shopping mall, there are 3 McDonalds to choose from!
There's a couple more McDonalds a short walk away.

Surprisingly, when my wife's grandma visited from Thailand, all she would eat was KFC.
She was comfortable with it.
RE: US food abroad 2007/08/16 18:20:35
In the past eight years I've made lots of trips to China, Viet Nam, India, Thailand, etc., and I've eaten at the following:

Tony Roma's
Hard Rock Cafe
Dairy Queen
Pizza Hut
Burger King

They were all o.k., but I prefer to eat at the local restaurants, especially when a local resident takes you to their favorite places.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: US food abroad 2007/08/17 18:20:00
Originally posted by BT

But does Wimpy really count? I've always thought of them as competition to American burger joints, not one of the "boys".

LOL!!!!!!! Wimpy SOOOO does not count.
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RE: US food abroad 2007/08/17 18:32:12
I can't resist telling you all this... you know how when you are in these forums you get a banner ad at the top? [look now, it's there!]

Well I currently live in the UK and my banner ad is always British... lately I keep getting this completely wacked out ad. It's for "" "from the founder of easyJet" [one of our big low-fare airlines].

So FYI they are selling me on American-style UK food right here and now! On the Roadfood website!!!! Positively eery.
RE: US food abroad 2007/08/17 18:37:15
Mmm, I don't have any "banner ads" on my pages.
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RE: US food abroad 2007/08/17 18:50:57
hmmmmm. they are usually there for me - were missing for a few minutes back now. i can't imagine it's only over here...?!
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