Friday Fish Fry

Double Cheeseburger
2007/07/20 23:56:59
In Central new york, friday fish fry means haddock. Coleslaw, fries, and Filet's that extend over both sides of the plate. What's the fish of choice where you live. I know here in Texas, it's catfish.
RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/21 06:31:24
In Michigan, it's normally Perch at the fish frys.. But have seen Cod served on occasion.

RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/30 10:17:27
When I lived in the Adirondacks, EVERY Friday, almost every restaurant had a fish fry.
They mostly used haddock, if I recall correctly.

Coming from and living in Florida for so long, I had never heard of a Friday fish fry and thought it was a novel idea, since fish is so fresh and readily available in Fla.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/30 10:29:17
We don't have designated Friday fish fries...We do,however,go to McLin's most Fridays for fried seafood..Dinners consist of crab claws,shrimp,scallops,oysters,catfish or flounder,hushpuppies,baked potato or fries,coleslaw,tartar sauce,cocktail sauce,sweet & dill pickle slices,sliced onion,and sweet tea....
RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/30 11:37:27
Here in Alaska we don't have designated Friday fish fries either but just about anywhere you go you'll find fried halibut on the menu.

I know they have them in certain parts of PA and I'm pretty sure they use cod.
Filet Mignon
RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/30 13:40:42
When I was younger, it was always lake perch. Now lake perch shares the bill with walleye, cod and haddock, along with blue gills at various places. Many places have catfish on the menu but never as a Friday fish fry offering. The inner city often has Buffalo fish and whiting on the menu's. Beer battered followed by breaded seems most common but gave me a light dusting of flour followed by a pan frying and I'm in heaven.
RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/30 13:56:17
As a kid growing up in Upstate N.Y. every Friday was fish day for dinner. I remember a very good bakery that would bake Haddock that was so delicious, they would sell it out of the bakery, I have never seen that again or tasted such delicious haddock. The bakery was Nelligans.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/30 14:05:44
My poor old Knoxville doesn't have a fish fry either. If you want fish that is inexpensive, you have to do Captain D's, Shoney's or something like that.

I always looked forward to Friday when I traveled in the mid west. Particularly Milwaukee. Great Friday fry's. It seemed that every chuch did that.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Friday Fish Fry 2007/07/30 16:13:08
Texas Pride BBQ down by St.Hedwig and Adkins Tx. has friday fish frys with live bands.haven't been there yet.

My dad grew up in Milwaukee in the 30s and 40s,and the Friday Fish Fry was a tradition even then,most likely due to the large numbers of German,Polish and other catholics in town.
Sometimes the family would go to one of the local taverns and eat
fish there.
Surprised Paul that they don't have catfish fries in Knoxville.maybe not every Friday,but on other occasions.I guess in Knoxville one might have to check around with some of the local soul food restaurants .I imagine they must have fried catfish or perch or other fish sometimes on the menu.