Swiss Chard

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2007/07/22 10:47:28
I usually make a nice Sunday dinner for my kids and I and am roasting a duck today. As sides I am trying Near East's whole grain wheat pilaf( I am using many more whole grain items lately) and swiss chard. Any input on how I should cook the swiss chard other than just steaming it? My kids are not big fans of it but your eating vegetables is not negotiable in my house
RE: Swiss Chard 2007/07/22 10:54:00
see if your kiddoes will eat it if prepared this way:
put a little olive oil in the bottom of a skillet- add some shallots chopped or green onions, if you don't have shallots- maybe a touch of garlic- then add the swiss chard- let it saute a moment or two then cover- the chard wilts quickly, don't let it overcook - and the results taste delicious! Sometimes I even cut up a little fresh tomato, this adds a little visual interest to the pan.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Swiss Chard 2007/07/22 10:56:47
Thanks mland, that sounds good!
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RE: Swiss Chard 2007/07/25 11:35:59
When I was a kid, my mom would often cook Swiss Chard (along with Swiss steak!!) and it was OK. She did sautee it with onions and garlic and I sorta enjoyed it.
RE: Swiss Chard 2007/07/25 19:46:54
...add some toasted pine nuts to mland's recipe, and i'm in chard heaven!
RE: Swiss Chard 2007/07/27 13:43:07
I love swiss chard, one of the best ways I use it besides sauteed is parboil it al dante and use it in a quiche instead of spinach and yess I usually use swiss cheese for that particular quiche. It is very tasty and healthful.
RE: Swiss Chard 2007/07/27 13:59:23

I know this is late and also ancillary but next time try this:

It is especially good.