Most Inexpensive Breakfast

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2007/07/25 01:40:13
And, of course, I don't mean cheap!!

My brother decided to get married near Natural Bridge in the Red River Gorge area of Kentucky.

Not being familiar with the area, we found an inexpensive hotel to stay in, in Slade, Ky, close to the wedding site.

We did some exploring for RoadFood and bars {dry county ~ not happening}. The RoadFood consisted of pizza, for the most part.

The first morning we took off on the Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway, and took it to the end to Saylorsville, KY. We had breakfast at this place right at the end of the highway. I cannot remember the name of the place. {How sad for me :(}

However, I had 2 over easy eggs, bacon, hash browns, bisquits and gravy, fried apples and milk. My BF had 3 OE eggs, hashbrowns, WW toast and coffee, and our bill was $7.20!!

I just couldn't believe the great quality of the food, and the price!! And when I tipped $5.00 on the meal, the server seemed surprised!!

It was well worth it!! And more.

There is a place on the west side of Cincinnati called Don's Clearview Tavern that has a $1.95 breakfast that consists of 2 eggs, any meat {including goetta}, hash browns, and toast.

Do any of you know of any similar places that has a breakfast that ROCKS that is inexpensive {not cheap}?

RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/07/25 02:57:05
Not now. No. But living in NYC back in the 60's, I used to get a full breakfast consisting of, orange juice, coffee, 2 eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns and buttered toast. All for only .99!
There used be lots of those little (Greek owned-of course) coffee shops along 2nd ave. from the 30's to the 40's. (Streets)
Does anyone know if there is still any "cheap" breakfasts in NYC anymore?
RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/07/25 22:00:10
The best deal around for breakfast in my area (Grand Rapids, MI) is for 2 people and who wants to eat breakfast alone anyhow. It's at a local chain "Arnie's Bakery & Restaurant" at any of theirlocations in our area.

It's called the "Balanced Breakfast" and it comes with scrambled eggs only, great shredded hashbrowns, 2 sausage links, 1 bacon strip, one slice of their own raisin or Jogga (multi-grain) toast and 2 of their own danish pastries. Priced at $5.49 for one a 2nd balanced breakfast with a coupon is only 99 cents. Two complete balanced breakfasts are only $6.48. Add a bottomless cup of their great coffee for $1.35 and with tax and tip added in my wife and I spend only a $11.00 total for the 2 of us.
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RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/07/29 20:51:31
SuzyQ, you struck gold in my opinion! You enjoyed a breakfast I'd go out of my way for!
Interesting how the simple things in life are the most memorable.
Thanks for sharing, Ole Rouxdog.
RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/07/30 00:14:27
here is my favorite from my hometown hanover pa and thier prices havent went up much at all in the last 15yrs.

2 Eggs any style, Toast & Coffee
2 Eggs any style, Toast, Coffee, and your choice of Bacon, Sausage, Ham, 1 Weiner or 1 Hamburger
3 Hot Cakes and Coffee
3 Hot Cakes, Coffee, and your choice of Bacon, Sausage, Ham, 1 Weiner or 1 Hamburger
1 Hot Cake
2 Hot Cakes

(Served Anytime - Try Them with "EVERYTHING")
Famous Egg
Famous Egg & Cheese
Famous Double Egg
Famous Ham & Egg
Famous Ham, Egg & Cheese
Famous Bacon
Famous Bacon & Egg
Famous Bacon, Egg & Cheese
Famous Sausage
Famous Sausage & Egg
Famous Sausage, Egg & Cheese
Famous Cheese Weiner Egg
Famous Weiner & Egg
Famous Burger & Egg
Famous Cheeseburger & Egg

heres a old thread

RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/07/30 00:28:51
Yeah, those prices are very reasonable by today's standards.
RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/09/11 16:59:16
I took my teenage son to San Francisco about 4 summers ago and we ended up eating in Chinatown very early in the morning. It seemed that there were many cafes competing for breakfast customers. We went into one and appeared to be the only tourits there. For $1.89 they advertised: 2 eggs, 2 toast, 2 bacon or sausage and either coffee or juice. (Same as a slam without the pancakes). It was an okay breakfast, except for the toast which wasn't too toasty but more like bread. However, San Francisco is generally a very expensive place to eat. I do recommend Chinatown on the travel forums that I frequent.
RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/09/12 11:45:58
In downtown San Diego there is a hidden treasure at 421 Market Street called the Sun Cafe. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and you can get either for about $4.00 including coffee. With all the fancy development going on around the "Gaslamp Quarter" I feel lucky that Sun Cafe is still there. Doatsie
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RE: Most Inexpensive Breakfast 2007/09/12 12:02:22
Juice and coffee for two ... $23.00 at The Beverly Hilton ... I'm sure Merv is RIP'ing.