Pat's Chili Dogs

Mark Romney
Junior Burger
2003/03/17 14:57:37
If you like chili dogs, and who doesn't, you must try Pat's in Tucson the next time you pass through. Located just off I 10 in downtown on the west side it is the best chili dog you will find.
Junior Burger
RE: Pat's Chili Dogs 2003/03/17 16:45:12
Absolutely the BEST, and the french fries aren't bad either. I think Pat is Hispanic (this restaurant/fast food joint is located in one of Tucson's barrios), and those of you who live in close proximity to Mexico know that the Mexicans have wholeheartedly embraced hot dogs but given them a Mexican twist (bacon, cabbage,jalapenos, guacamole, etc). Pat's chili dogs are the traditional ones we know and love, but on just about any street corner here you can find a Mexican hot dog stand. PS - does anyone remember the Noble Frankfurter in San Francisco? Wonderful hot dogs, fabulous buns, but I think they're no longer in business.
Filet Mignon
RE: Pat's Chili Dogs 2003/05/31 03:05:58
You want a real twist? There is a place called Oki Dogs here in LA. An Oki dog is 2 hot dogs, chili and pastrami, all covered with saurkraut and wrapped in a tortilla like a burrito! It's horrible!