Hot Dog Vendor Cart Information

Junior Burger
2007/07/30 00:43:07
I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with answers to two questions I have related to the hot dog vending business? I live in Miami, FL and I planning on going into the mobile vending business on a large scale.

First off is anyone aware of a mobile hot dog franchise opportunity that exists at this time? I can't seem to find any information at all via the web.

Secondly, who is considered the best to by carts from (NEW) high end.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply to my questions, I greatly appreciate your time.


Todd Brazer
RE: Hot Dog Vendor Cart Information 2007/07/30 12:39:43 is a franchise and a favorite cart mfr is but there are others out there.

good luck!
RE: Hot Dog Vendor Cart Information 2007/08/01 11:06:31
Mary Jane... Welcome to Roadfood... If you use the search button at top of the page (search for All American), they've been discussed many times here.. Also, as with any company, check with the Better Business Bureau...
RE: Hot Dog Vendor Cart Information 2007/08/01 16:40:37
I have a Top Dog cart made in Orlando FL. The web site is

It and the Custom Sales 525 are two of the best made carts. They are just two different designs.

Tex Grill
Houston TX
RE: Hot Dog Vendor Cart Information 2007/08/02 03:03:38

Can't imagine why you would want to use a franchise. If you have the spirit to get out on your own and run your own biz, owning a franchise will only end up limiting what you can and cannot do. You are married to their product and have very little, or no, creative input of your own. Further, you have to continue to pay them money for the use of their name. If it were me (and obviously, it is not) I would spend some time setting up my own menu, toppings, etc. and then get'er going. Just my two cents.

Secondly, I have a Top Dog cart and couldn't be happier with it. I did my research and found that the design and set up are awesome. The meet or exceed all NSF standards and come complete with the 6 ft long logo across the front.

Good luck!
Vic the Chili Man
RE: Hot Dog Vendor Cart Information 2007/08/07 12:05:56 is a franchise but it is not offered in Fl