Nova Scotia & Cape Breton

Bob Stroud
Junior Burger
2003/03/17 15:36:57
Do you have suggestions for restaurants in Nova Scotia &
Cape Breton. We will be there in mid-June.


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RE: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton 2003/03/17 16:16:24
I will be there about the same time and I too am interested. I hear there are lobster suppers everywhere. The last time I was there was one week after 9/11 and they couold not ship lobsters due to the planes. I bought a two pound lobster dinner for $5.00. I will be in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI
RE: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton 2003/03/18 12:42:29
All lot depends on where you enter the province. Are you flying in or driving in?
Yes, PEI Lobster Suppers are the best meals out there-with many homemade ingrediants. St. Ann's church was one I visited.
Captain Scott's Fish and Chips were very good, but I was last in PEI over 7 years ago.
Nova Scotia dining depends on where and how you are entering the province-each area has its own specialties. Are you flying into Halifax, or entering the South Shore by way of ferries from Maine?
The easiest description to give is this: The South Shore (Lighthouse Route) has the best lobsters, Digby County has the best scallops, Halifax is the area with the greatest selection of cuisines, the Marine Drive area (Southeastern NS) is best and easiest for freshwater fishing (trout, salmon,etc), the area around Kentville and Truro to the north is Apple country, and Cape Breton has areas that mix in Acadian (French influenced) cuisine. (especially Cheticamp region on west side).
My trip to NS last year was only for 2 days, and was to the South Shore, principally Yarmouth and Shelburne,NS.
I summered in Shelburne,NS for about 22 years, from about 1959 to 1982. Can't beat it.
RE: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton 2003/03/18 13:46:37

If you are taking the ferry which lands in Yarmouth, there is an Austrian restaurant in Yarmouth--the Austrian Inn. Good schnitzel!


Also, we drove the south shore route and our favorite town was Lunenberg, where you can get mussels by the bucket at a local tavern called the Knot served with their homemade Chow Chow relish. They also had deep fried salami--need I say more?

Bob Stroud
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RE: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton 2003/03/18 15:27:59
Re: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton Trip

To be more specific, we fly into Halifax and then proceed to a different stop each night. They include

Margaree Harbour
Sydney Mines
Musquodoboit Harbour

Thanks for your help!

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RE: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton 2003/03/18 19:16:20
I am flying into Quebec and driving to the Gaspe, New Brunswick, PEI, Cape Breton and flying out of halifax. I did the Digby scallops several years ago. Went to the docks and requested scallops. they sent me to a small place close by I went in, requested scallops. I did not even ask how much or how many. He came back out in about ten minutes, charged me $5.00 and gave me so many scallops, it ruined my dinner four hours later in Yarmouth. What a bargain and what taste. that was Road food

Paul E Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton 2003/03/19 11:09:17
To Sundancer7: Paul, I just left your city as part of the ABC National Bowling Tournament-stayed with Sonny Herbin at the Maplehurst Inn. My Fiancee' and I had a fabulous time-dropped a bundle at the Lodge cast iron cookware outlet. We would recommend The Park Grill in Gatlinburg,TN to anyone-not a Roadfood stop, but a fabulous meal over looking the Smokies.
For NS, especially when you get to Halifax, check out the locally produced microbrews. I brought home a wonderful 6 pack of Propeller Ale. And spending time as a youth in NS, once I got to drinking age, I was constantly reminded that the Moosehead products shipped to the US WERE NOT the same as distributed in Canada.(definately stronger in Canada)
To Bob Stroud: Antigonish is a wonderful little city, if you get a chance to tour the mines in Sydney, it is an interesting take. Ingonish has nice beaches, but the black fly population has been known to be heavy. As you travel to Musquodoboit Harbor, you will notice how many inland streams and rivers terminate to the ocean along the Marine Drive. What a great trip you have planned.
To LVW: I proposed to my fiancee' last year in Shelburne in October. Shelburne has added a French Bistro and a restaurant with a Swiss chef. They were booked solid on a Saturday night with reservations. All this for a town with an active population of about 2000. My fiancee' says the batter dipped fish and chips at the Loyalist Inn Pub were the best and freshest she has ever had. There are many high quality small restaurants now the route from Yarmouth to Halifax.
Thanks, DaveM
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RE: Nova Scotia & Cape Breton 2003/05/17 21:08:51
Boy it has been nearly 20 years, but I lived in Halifax for 10. If you find a fish shack that has cod cheeks by all means get them, just like scallops.