Dinosaur brand chili

Filet Mignon
2007/08/08 10:49:43
I dunno. This was OK, I guess. It was better than any canned chili I've ever had, certainly; but I don't like canned chili at all.

It was a good version of New York/Eastern style chili, with tomatoes and beans; more H. Allen Smith than Wick Fowler, but with beans (ie, Eastern style). The sausage flavor is very pronounced. It is medium on chile flavor, light on cumin, medium on onion and garlic, strong on tomato, and a bit sweet. A nice thing is that it is not too greasy (like many canned chilis are) and it doesn't repeat itself all night long.

I liked it OK enough, but it isn't the style of chili that I would make; it's too tomatoey and too sweet for my taste. But it is a quality recipe made with quality ingredients, and that shows; and someone else might think I'm nuts for being lukewarm about it. De gustibus non disputandum est, after all. Try it for yourself and see.

Available in select groceries in the NY/NJ/PA/MD area, and online from the Dinosaur BBQ website. $4/lb in stores or through the website. Remember, it is definitely made with quality ingredients and packaged well; there doesn't seem to be any thought toward skimping on that score.

Also available: pulled pork (to be reviewed), full racks of ribs, meatloaf (review coming soon), bbq'd baked beans (reviewed in the Side dishes subforum), and pork loin.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Dinosaur brand chili 2007/08/08 13:07:41
thanks for the review tom. i buy food online at least once each month and these products look pretty good so far.

looking forward to the other reports.