Balaton/Cleveland, Ohio

Fire Safety Admin
2007/08/08 15:07:32
It brought a big smile to my face today to see a review added for Balaton in Cleveland.

I love Eastern European restaurants and this is one of my favorites. I have only been to Balaton twice, with both of my meals being top notch. I have tried the wiener schnitzel and the chicken paprikash, which were excellent. And the potato pancakes are among the best you will find anywhere. I also remember really enjoying the goulash. I missed out on the Dobos torte for dessert that Michael mentioned in the review. Sounds like a great reason to go back.

The last time I was there, some kind of festival was going on and parking in Shaker Square was scarce. But, I don't think that is typical at all.

Balaton hasn't appeared in any of the Roadfood books since the 1992 edition, which I assume is because JMS havn't been there in a long time.

So for anyone who loves Hungarian food or will be visiting Cleveland, this place is well worth the stop!