Energy Drink for Breakfast?

Junior Burger
2007/08/08 15:38:22
Would you purchase an Energy Drink at a Breakfast Shop, with your meal or your donut or with your breakfast sandwich? if Yes which one?
ex. Monster Java energy drink,or a Red Bull or a Rock Star there are to many to list
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Energy Drink for Breakfast? 2007/08/08 15:41:59
I have had several of them and I get the same kick with my coffee. I have not had one that provided me with their claim. Just my opinion.

Some of the taste good and some terrible. They seems awfully expensive to me to give me no more of a kick than I get from my coffee.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
RE: Energy Drink for Breakfast? 2007/08/08 15:54:51
I am with Paul, a good cup of coffee is a way better boost for me. I am also starting to get hooked on Starbucks now that we have one in the area. quad venti caramel machiato
RE: Energy Drink for Breakfast? 2007/08/10 01:21:35
I only drink coffee because it's here at home, I can sip it while reading newspapers online before going to work. It's comforting. It's hot. One cup is all I can stand or else I'd jump out of my skin!! An energy drink would put me right over the edge of no return!