Interesting Italian Ice flavors....

Filet Mignon
2007/08/08 17:31:00
I had an urge for ice cream today but didn't want anything heavy.
I passed two (2) Italian Ice carts within 5 feet of each othrE (I measured) on 5th Ave in NYC. (They were both from stores,one a pizza shop, right next to each other)

Anyhoo, one listed its flavors (the other didn't, which is dumb for competition) and I saw Chocolate Oreo which sounded delish. It was!!
(Chocolate Ice with oreos, just like the ice cream).

I got to thinkin:

1. What other interesting Italian Ices have you tried? (not sorbets or sherberts, because I want the squeeze cup effect)

2. Do you think all ice cream flavors would be good as ices? Why or why not?

10 pts.each.
Filet Mignon
RE: Interesting Italian Ice flavors.... 2007/08/11 16:29:35
NYNM: I also passed that stand!!! I noticed pistachio, vanilla chocolate chip and also cappucino flavors...
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Interesting Italian Ice flavors.... 2007/08/11 17:13:35
ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! MYNM are you talkin' to yourself?

I have no feedback though, love Italian ice, always get chocolate, love the places in Philly that throw in teeny choc chip bits.

Oh wait! Passion Fruit. Saw that once...