Vacation food traditions

Lone Star
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/08/25 10:17:15
I spent the weekend preparing for our upcoming trip to the Frio river cooking and packing.

Every time we go on a trip camping or to a cabin, my kids expect me to make "Round-up Shredded Barbeque Sandwiches", which acutally is not barbequed at all , but a slow roasted chuck roast, shredded and then slow simmered with a sauce.

They never want it any time else, but it is a MUST for vacations.

What are your mandatory vacation foods?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/25 12:14:35
Well, if I did not have a big bag of scotch eggs when I get into the car for a weekend trip, my family would shoot me! They love them in place of a regular picnic lunch and will eat them either hot or cold or room temp!

When we are going to an elegant big city hotel, I even take them and put them in the cooler.........makes a great "on the cheap" breakfast in our room!
Filet Mignon
RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/25 13:18:08
I always make sure to grill an extra steak or use a larger roast and bake extra potatoes at the campsite so the following morning I can make "camper's hash". I throw in onions, green pepper, worcstershire, tomato, a little tabasco and sautee it all in oil. It's become a mandatory food on my campouts!
Lucky Bishop
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RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/25 14:07:20
Our family vacations when I was a kid were timed around being in certain places at certain mealtimes, and occasionally involved detours. For example, no trip towards central or coastal Texas could omit a drive through the tiny town of Menard for a cheeseburger at the Navajo Inn, which unfortunately is no more. Too bad, as it was the archetypal cheeseburger of my youth.

Note that this was well before Roadfood was codified as a concept.

Every year on the weekend before Thanksgiving, my wife's family takes a trip from Boston to Vermont, centered around a church game supper, that over the years has grown to include several other food-related stops (at Hart's Turkey Farm, the Chelsea Royal Diner, and the King Arthur Flour store, among others), so that the entire weekend is devoted to food. And quilting, and used books, and other things. But mostly food.
Lone Star
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RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/25 14:26:57
Katie - I would love to have your recipie for Scotch eggs, they sound great.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/25 20:07:54
A number of years ago, lets just say 20 plus we were driving back from a camping trip in the Green River, Wyoming area. I was driving our 1960 Ford pick-up, with a home made over head camper, slept 4 comfortably, well sort of. Pretty primitive, if you had to go pee while we sere driving you used the 5 pound coffee can. Although it did have electric lights and an electric/propane frig, and a hand pumped water system for the. I also added an extra two gas tanks, could put 60 gallons in that puppy. I still have the truck, although the camper got trashed when we turned over driving in Rockies on a camping trip. Yes, I was driving and my wife and mother-in-law will never let me forget that little piece of trivia.

Anyway on the trip back from Wyoming we had stopped in Salt Lake City for the night. I figured we would make the run home the next day. However that did not occur and we ended up stopping for the night outside of Wells, Nevada.

Well, I went to the grub box to figure out what to fix for dinner. Supplies were tight. All that was left was a pound of bacon, some onions, some garlic, and some dried spices and a couple of cans of spicy beans and some Saltines. So I fried the bacon, then cooked the onions and garlic and spices in the bacon drippings, added the beans, put crackers on the side. And told the family supper was ready. I did have some cold beer left, some ice, some Jack, and some sodas and water. So we made do. Actually it was one of our great memory trips, i.e., the trip that Dad screwed up and we didn't have enough food to eat. Oh yea, I forgot, we had to have the left overs for breakfast. Needless to say that night was very aromatic. Howver when ever we go camping we have to have that on the last night of the trip. And when the kids used to camp out in the woods behind the house they would want that for dinner. Long answer to a short question.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/26 08:14:43
Originally posted by Lone Star

Katie - I would love to have your recipie for Scotch eggs, they sound great.

Here it is.........enjoy!

OK..............Here it is.


2 12 oz. packages breakfast sausage (I always use Jimmy Dean low-fat)
bread crumbs
12 hard-boiled eggs, peeled.....medium sized ones are easiest to work with
2 eggs, beaten

Divide sausage into 12 portions. Sprinkle bread crumbs
on dinner plate. Pat out meat into a patty. Wrap
completely around a hard-boiled egg, pressing edges together to
seal. Roll into breadcrumbs and pat the crumbs onto the sausage meat.
Roll into the beaten egg and place on well greased baking pan.
Repeat with rest of eggs. Bake at 375 for about 40 minutes (until nicely browned).
Eat them hot, cold or at room temp.
Lone Star
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/26 09:45:23
Great story CCPJO - through adversity comes adventure!

Thank you for the recipie Katie, I am going to make them for our trip if I have time!
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Vacation food traditions 2003/08/26 10:58:57
ChezKatie, have forever heard of Scotch Eggs but never really knew what they were. This recipe sounds great. Can't wait to try it. Thanks.