Reunion Food

2003/08/25 14:04:45
I went to a family reunion yesterday in Danvers, Illinois...near Bloomington & a little ways away from Peoria. It's always interesting to see what people bring to a summer potluck picnic. I was surprised with this one that there were so many hot dishes, it being about 90 degrees or so. In Milwaukee here, a basic picnic would include: brats and/or hamburgers and/or chicken on the grill, potato salad, coleslaw, chips, fruit salad, beer (duh) and pie and watermelon.

Here were some of the items on the table at the reunion:
-taco salad, with a bottle of Western dressing on the side
-red & yellow sliced homegrown tomatoes (awesome)
-sausage lasagna
-three kinds of cheesy potato casserole
-turkey tettrazini
-gooseberry pie (soooo good, wow)
-a plate of naked Polish sausages
-meatloaf (with lots of ketchup on top)
-little paper cups of blueberries
-sliced fresh peaches with pecans on top
-seven-layer salad
-little ham & cheddar sandwiches made on hamburger buns
-fried chicken from Wal-Mart (quelle horror)
-frosted sugar cookies
-sweet and unsweetened tea, lemonade & coffee

I made some black bean & corn salsa. I wish someone would have BBQed or something, but it was so hot, and many of the people there were really, really old, and didn't want to worry about the grill. Whatever. What do you usually have at your reunions?
RE: Reunion Food 2003/08/25 14:52:47
Mmmmm, reunion food. Delicious.

Ours (in Iowa) would be very similar to yours, but would have apple, raspberry and rhubarb pies in lieu of gooseberry, deviled eggs, hot german potato salad, coffee cake made with fresh apples, and pan-fried chicken. There would also most likely be green bean casserole with the canned fried onions on top.

But the pies are usually the stars of the show.

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RE: Reunion Food 2003/08/25 16:18:17
Wal-Mart fried chicken?

Our reunions last 2 or three days,( we all bunk up in the camp houses)sometimes held over Thanksgiving. Anything and everything goes, the food is laid out and then it is every man for himself. The huge kitchen is open 24/7.

Lately, we have been having the main "Sunday Meal" catered with BBQ, or catfish as most of us are rebelling about all of the cooking.

The mainstays that must be at every reunion:

My Mom's chili con queso-in-a-crockput
Aunt Patty's cheesy potatoes
Cousin Lauries chicken pot pie
Roasts (lots of them)
At least 50 different macaroni, potato, bean, etc...salads
Shoe-peg corn casserole
Every kind of side dish casserole imaginable
mashed potatoes
fried potatoes
A table laden with desserts

We all get in the kitchen and cook together and have the one main meal of the day, and then it just varies in the evenings. Breakfast is lots of breakfast casseroles, sometimes someone will volunteer to be short order cook.

We have a great time.

There was a close brush with anarchy once though, when Aunt Betty made some fancified chestnut-rice dressing for the turkey. Quelle Horror indeed!