Double Chili Cheeseburger
2007/08/21 16:03:19
You want to see some really beautiful burritos? Vic, please post your pics here. Pleeeeez.
Junior Burger
RE: Burritos 2007/08/25 00:46:47
Here are some burritos I've taken pictures of over the past year from various locations. http://www.flickr.com/photos/11832783@N07/sets/72157601640227656/
RE: Burritos 2007/08/25 01:06:32
hey slacker, cool! and Welcome! If I can't be eating burritos, I sure like looking at them.
Where do you live? and Eat?
RE: Burritos 2007/08/26 14:26:34
Ok Katie, here ya go...

I was lucky to find some large and thin shells (too lazy to make my own). Beans are from scratch and refried (not just cooked and served). On this one, I added a little tomato sauce to the meat mix, and also used the sauce for my tomato based meat sauce (both inside and outside the burro... As a side note, these black olives where huge...

Pour on the meat sauce and lots of cheddar...

Top dress it again with the veggies...

And another satisfied eater... (No, he didnt get a burrito, but the rest of us napped after having one).