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2007/08/24 10:02:41
I stopped at my first spot which was featured on this roadfood site-
Bantam Bread Co. the other day. This location is in Plainville, CT.
I bought some of their almond teahorns, which were quite yummy. I didn't stay for lunch, however, although they had assorted breads and even focaccia which looked awesome!

Another bakery which I frequent is in Worcester, MA called Crown Bakery. I love their Swedish tea rings. For lunch, their Swedish Meatball sandwiches are to die for.

In your region, what are some of the popular items at your bakeries?
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RE: Bread Bakery 2007/08/24 15:24:35
Here in Fontana Mexican bakeries abound, so items such as pan dulce, empanadas dulces, churros rellenos and tres leche are popular.
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RE: Bread Bakery 2007/08/25 15:30:44
Our best local bakeries are also the oldest, with their culinary feet firmly planted in the Philadelphia and South Jersey region. The best are probably the Italian bakeries, such as DiBartolo's in Collingswood, NJ (cakes to just knock you out - bread, cannoli - use your imagination and they have it)..and their site is here, Erlton Italian Bakery in Collingswood(see their historic link here..., Sarcone's in Philly (, Cacia's Bakery (in NJ and Philly -, Aversa's Bakery in Turnersville and Brigantine, NJ - (excellent!), other places in Philadelphia. Many of these places make their own pizza and stromboli. The bread and rolls are indescribably good. These are the kinds of places you have to walk into to really appreciate. You can't get baked goods of this quality in any other region, and I know many from around here will concur with that.
RE: Bread Bakery 2007/08/26 23:53:22
here on chicago's north side i love the swedish bakery in andersonville.savory limpa,egg twist,potato and viena breads,pastries and georgous little cookies[pecan crisp,sweedish blondes and almond thins]boxed and tied with string that make perfect gifts.
i also enjoy red hen bakery and they often sell out of their incredible selection of artisional by art institute grads and emulating the style and approach of a small european must try thier olive rosemary boule,the challah or their delicious walnut curranr batons.many of chicagos finest resturants serve thier products.
one of my absolute favorites is bittersweet on's poplar with the locals featuring an amazing array of sylish and exquisite cakes,unique and beautifully decorated cookies,breads and scones.they also serve lunch consisting of a small selection of soups and sandwiches.
and on grand ave. d'amato's italian tomato breads are an especially delicious treat warmed up or room temperature.
bennison's in evanston is also very good,i love the black and white cookies and thier tiramisu.
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RE: Bread Bakery 2007/08/27 00:55:20

The gap between Chicago and southeastern Wisconsin keeps getting closer every day. Labriola Baking Company is now delivering a full line of Chicago artisan bread to Racine and Milwaukee and we get fresh Baltic Bakery products at our local Piggly Wiggly. But, if you want fresh kringle, you'll still have to drive to Racine.


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RE: Bread Bakery 2007/09/03 02:23:15
There was a bread store years ago just down from The Art Instituite in Chicago, right on Michigan Ave. called Bedouin Bread. Good stuff.

Also, there was a place in Colorado, Steamboat Springs, I think, called Our Daily Bread. They used to take their cinnimmon rolls and use them for french toast. Good stuff.