Joey's Seafood

the grillman
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2007/08/27 17:08:59
Joey’s Seafood – yes, yes, I know, it’s a chain, but hey, in a medium size town in the Midwest, don’t have many good seafood options.

Has anyone been to one of these? They look better than the typical Red Lobster, which I don’t care for that much….they are kind of dated. This has a fresher look, and a more interesting menu…..
Filet Mignon
RE: Joey's Seafood 2007/08/27 21:43:24
stlouisguy - My wife and I enjoy the Joey's in Brookfield, WI. This one of the few chains that our paper's food critic gave a good review.

the grillman
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Joey's Seafood 2007/08/29 10:32:23
Update, we visited Joey’s last night. A reasonably good value; average dinner about $15.00 or less; wife and daughter had shrimp and snow crab legs, I had grilled fish. Most people were chowing down on the Tuesday night special of AYCE battered and fried fish, chips, and slaw, for $9.99. I didn’t want anything fried, so I abstained. Chowder was pretty good as a starter. Key lime pie for dessert was nice and tart.

While it doesn’t compare to any seaside place I’ve been, reasonably priced seafood outside of Red Lobster is hard to find here in the Midwest, and this fills a niche.
RE: Joey's Seafood 2007/08/31 00:01:56
The previous poster seems to be in line with what I think. There are 2 Joey's here in Las Vegas. B to B- to C+ seems reasonable. The places are certainly not A and not D.