Hot Dog tour!

Junior Burger
2003/08/28 10:15:14
Hi everyone. Love this site! I just got back from a 6 day trip with the family from Toronto to NY, VT and Montreal. Tried Sabrett's hot dogs for the first time over the campfire- we all loved 'em!
However, in Montreal, there is a place called 'Frites Alors' in the old city of Montreal that makes killer Belgian style fries and dogs- they cut up the hot dog, fry it on a griddle and serve it on a crusty baguette with sauerkraut- one of the best dogg I've ever had!
Also a chain called 'Le Fleur' has Steamed dogs, they serve with chopped cabbage and onions ($1.15CDN), as well as 'Michigans' which are steamed dogs with meat sauce on them- they were also fantastic. Maybe it's the French influence on the cooking.
In Toronto, the local dog of choice for myslef are Perl's Kosher all beef. Don't know where else to get them, but they are a staple in my fridge.
Thanks for letting me blab about my favorite food!
RE: Hot Dog tour! 2003/08/28 13:20:29
Sounds like a fun trip. In your area, you might see if you can find Zweigle's White Hots and Texas Hots. These are made just across the lake in Rochester, NY, and are my favorites. I just returned from a trip to Rochester to take my daughter to college, and as usual loaded up on Zweigle's, which are not available in Boston, where I live.
RE: Hot Dog tour! 2003/08/29 16:05:47
The hot dog marathon u had sounds great. Never heard of cabbage on hot dogs. I assume it was cooked with the onions. Was it or was it raw?
Junior Burger
RE: Hot Dog tour! 2003/09/02 09:52:46
The cabbage was raw & cut up like coleslaw. It was different & very good.