The Rising Sun Restaurant in Mokena, IL.

Junior Burger
2007/09/11 11:00:52
Chinese food anyone? The best place I have found is in the small town of Mokena, Illinois on Route 45 just south of I-80. The Rising Sun Restaurant serves the traditional egg foo young etc, etc. But the best is the Kung Po Delight. It is basically an everything but the kitchen sink kind of entree served as mild, medium or spicy. I chose the latter. It has shrimp, pork, chicken, bits of celery, onion, red and green peppers, and peanuts on top. The portions are huge, so big that one entree would suffice for two people. The egg rolls are handmade and are very good also. The Mokena restaurant is full service with all the traditional Chinese decor, they even serve tea before the meal. They also have two carryout locations in Frankfort and Peotone.